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Ircam OpenMusic

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OpenMusic, Logiciel de musique divers de la marque Ircam.

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Fiche technique Ircam OpenMusic

  • Fabricant : Ircam
  • Modèle : OpenMusic
  • Catégorie : Logiciels de musique divers
  • Fiche créée le : 23/10/2004
OM is a full-featured visual programming environment, providing most of the programming constructs of Common Lisp (abstraction, higher-order functions, conditionnals, loops, lists management, etc.). Musical objects and structures (chords, chords sequences, rtythms, break-point functions, sounds) can be created thanks to a set of classes and manipulated with specialized functions. factories2.jpg
Musical Editors are a fundamental aspect in the OM programming workflow. They allow users/programmers to store, visualize (or listen) and edit the results or intermediate data structures involved in the programs. edit.jpg
Object Oriented Programming: User-defined classes can be created and connected to the OM class hierarchy. Generic functions and specializing methods can be defined by visual programs. poo.jpg
Time Structures:The maquette is an original sequencing/programming interface where musical objects can be organized and connected in a temporal context. maq.jpg
MIDI playback, objects and tools. midi.jpg
Sound file analysis, processing, synthesis. snd.jpg
3D object representation and editing tools. spat.jpg
Math Tools: Mathematical tools for computer-assisted music analysis. math.jpg
Harmonic Project: Representation of tonal properties in OM musical objects. tonal.jpg
SDIF: Representation and manipulation of SDIF sound description data. sdif.jpg
Sound processing/synthesis libraries: A set of external libraries are currently developped for the control of external sound analysis, processing, or synthesis tools (Csound, SuperVP, pm2, Chant, Spat…) These libraries are distributed by the IRCAM forum. om2csound.jpg
OMChroma: A framework for the high-level control of sound synthesis in OpenMusic, developed in collaboration with composer Marco Stroppa. control.jpg
Spatialization: New tools for the control of spatialization are developed in OM (3D objects) and in external libraries such as OM-Spat (representation, export of spatial scenes, communication with IRCAM Spat) and OMPrisma. OMPrisma (by Marlon Schumacher) is a superset of OMChroma allowing to spatialize sounds and synthesis components, providing numbers of spatialization techniques and related utilities.
OMSheet: Mixed programmable and polyphonic score editor. sheet4.jpg




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