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Symbolic Sound Kyma 7

Symbolic Sound Kyma 7

Logiciel de musique divers de la marque Symbolic Sound

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Symbolic Sound
  • Modèle : Kyma 7
  • Catégorie : Logiciels de musique divers
  • Fiche créée le : 25/02/2015

Software editor for the Paca Rana workstations

file editors to help prepare source materials

searchable Sound Browser that helps you locate the files and sounds you need (plus a roll-the-dice option that helps you find the ones you never realized you needed)

building blocks called Prototypes and language for combining those building blocks into new synthesis and processing algorithms, real-time parameter language for intelligent controls

automatically-generated, structured Virtual Control Surfaces where, with a single click, you can remap widgets to external controllers that communicate with Kyma via MIDI or Open Sound Control (OSC).

Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

helper windows with documentation, suggestions, guidance, and online assistance from the Kyma Community.

create live performance environments by sequencing and layering them in a Timeline that lets you pause or stop time so you can perform live with other performers or sync to picture, and automate some (or all) of the live controls or andom access Multigrid, switching between sources and modifiers with no interruption in the audio output.

Every morning, Kyma prepares a new set of Sounds just for you and puts them in the Sons du jour folder, so you can start the day inspired by some fresh new Sounds.

Kyma Galleries, with their automatic patch-generation, give you just the springboard you need to get started on your projects. In the Wave Editor Gallery, Kyma automatically generates hundreds of complex signal flow graphs, all based on your original sample, all from a single click.

In the Multigrid, you can rapidly explore any combination or sequence of sources and modifiers while recording the results or pause and ask Kyma to extract the current signal flow as a new Kyma Sound


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