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GMF Music SH-1 "Sound Hole" Acoustic Guitar Pickup

GMF Music SH-1 "Sound Hole" Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Micro pour guitare acoustique de la marque GMF Music

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Prix public US : $49 incl. VAT

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : GMF Music
  • Modèle : SH-1 "Sound Hole" Acoustic Guitar Pickup
  • Catégorie : Micros pour guitare acoustique
  • Fiche créée le : 17/06/2016

GMF offers the instant mounting (and unmounting), SH-1 sound hole pickup. This Great-looking maple pickup will look fantastic on your guitar. More importantly, it sounds great. The SH-1 will passively amplify your sound without anything to detract from it. The single coil design gives a bright clean tone that is resistant to feedback. Great for singer-songwriters and folk strummers, the SH-1 offers a moderate response that gives you plenty of amplification while allowing your guitar to blend nicely with vocals and other instruments. The SH-1 fits any acoustic guitar with a sound hole diameter of 3.85 to 4.10 inches. They're also priced to fit the budgets of most musicians, and are a much more affordable alternative to buying a mic for acoustic amplification. Keeping a soundhole pickup in your gig-bag is also great insurance in case the electronics in your guitar happen to go south when you’re ten minutes away from downbeat. I’ve witnessed this happen, and the performer is usually aninstant believer in the soundhole solution!


  • Single coil
  • Moderate output
  • Instant-mount (no tools required)
  • Housed in maple cover
  • Crisp and clear tone
  • Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing
  • Includes studio-quality 12' cable.
  • Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic or electric), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles




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