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Massey Plugins TD5

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  • moosersmoosers

    Massey Plugins TD5Publié le 04/02/09 à 18:40
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    It was very easy to download and install the Massey TD5 tape delay plug-in. There were no compatibility issues with my machine and I haven't had a problem with any sort of installation issues since I installed it. The interface of the plug-in is very easy to follow and there are a lot of really cool things that it can do. It has parameters for input, output, blend, feedback, delay time, and for what kind of note you want it to be on (quarter note, eight note, etc.). It also has either a normal, dark, or bright tone switch and either vintage or modern mode. It has helpful meeting in the forms of input level, output level, and BPM. You can also tap the tempo so you can get it right on whatever you are playing over! Comes in very handy...I've never seen the manual.


    I am running the TD5 with Pro Tools LE 7.4 and a Digi 002R for an audio interface. I never had a problem running this plug-in with this machine. I have also used this plug-in on a Pro Tools HD configuration and there was never any trouble with it there either. I get great performance from it as I am able to run a few of them at a time if I really wanted to. Normally I put it on an aux input and send buses to it, as this helps my overall performance.


    I've been using the Massey TD5 for about a year. Massey plug-ins have been somewhat new to me, but in the short time I have been using them, I have been throughly impressed. The TD5 is one of their best plug-ins. It is easy to manipulate and you can get an array of delay sounds from it. The tap tempo and BPM metering features are very helpful as they let me aim right on top of what I am playing on. For the price you're getting a smartly designed plug-in with a great tone to it. I love the slapback and other delay sounds I get from this and will continue to use it as part of my arsenal.