Antares Audio Technology AVOX Aspire Evo

Antares Audio Technology AVOX Aspire Evo

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AVOX Aspire Evo, Effet ou traitement logiciels divers de la marque Antares Audio Technology.

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  • Fabricant : Antares Audio Technology
  • Modèle : AVOX Aspire Evo
  • Catégorie : Effets et traitements logiciels divers
  • Fiche créée le : 29/10/2010

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Avis utilisateurs Antares Audio Technology AVOX Aspire Evo

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the guitarist23/04/2019

L'avis de the guitarist"mouais.."

Antares Audio Technology AVOX Aspire Evo
ce plugin est... coupe les respiration correctement mais c'est tantôt ça fonctionne tantôt sa fonctionne moins bien je ne vous déconseille pas forcément ce plugin mais faites attention et choisissez bien car celui peu être "capricieux" par moment sinon il est facile d'utilisation 6 potars,une interface simple,le seul bémol c'est celui que je vous ai cité plus haut
contenu en anglais

L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Antares Audio Technology AVOX Aspire Evo
The Antares Systems AVOX Aspire Evo is a unique vocal processing plug-in that is a part of the AVOX Evo Vocal Toolkit of vocal plug-ins. The plug-in is unique because it allows you to actually control different components of the human voice without affecting the harmonic content that is there. I wasn't the one to install this plug-in or the bundle it comes in, as I don't own this and have only used it at the studio where I'm working. Learning to use the plug-in certainly won't take just a minute, as even though the parameters are pretty simple, learning to master using it isn't easy. I certainly wouldn't say that I've mastered getting the best sounds possible from it, but after using it for a little bit it's a lot easier to use than it was when I first tried it. The plug-in has settings for choosing the voice type (alto, soprano, etc), as well as if you'd like to increase or decrease a certain aspect of sound in the voice. It then also has parameters for tracking, amount of reduction or increase, desired frequency, Q (band width), and lastly gain. The main working parts here are that of a filter or equalizer, but it's highly specified for the voice. It also has a graph which will show you both the original and the affected sound wave. A manual would be a good idea if you're feeling lost, but I haven't seen one of this myself.


We've got the full AVOX Evo bundle and the AVOX Aspire Evo plug-in running on all of our Pro Tools HD systems at the studio where I work. We have a number of different studios on site, all with Pro Tools HD, so we rarely will have any problems running plug-ins, let alone one where you're generally only going to be running one at a time. That's the case here as I can't say I've ever had anything close to performance issues with this plug-in on any of the systems we've got.


While certainly a great idea and good execution here, the Antares Systems AVOX Aspire Evo is definitely a bit of a glorified EQ. What I mean by this is that at the heart of this plug-in is a specified EQ, so while it's a nice one to have around, most of what can be done in here can most likely be handled using an in depth parametric EQ. Having said this, the Aspire plug-in does it's thing and does it well. In general it's got a clean and realistic tone, but I find that you can't really make too many drastic changes to the sound without it sounding artificial. I wouldn't buy the AVOX Evo bundle for this plug-in, but if you do have the bundle already this plug-in is definitely one that can be helpful to you.

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