Clavia Nord Rack 1
Clavia Nord Rack 1

Astuce : Clavia Modular Expansion for Nord Lead/Rack

Par Shamk le 13/04/2005 - (Tout public)

        Expansion pour Nord Lead/Rack

          On en trouve encore ICI !

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Expand your Nord Lead/Rack from 4 to 12 voices!

Nord Lead/Rack offers 4 parts multitimbrality and you have access to them at all times - in real time. If you like to use the Nord Lead/Rack in a multitimbral setup, you'll probably need more voices.

The Voice Expansion Board adds another 8 voices on 2 DSPs for a total of 12 voices. The board also features a PCMCIA card holder, making it possible to store 297 single patches, 100 performances and 30 percussion patches on a 64 kByte battery backed S-RAM card.

The Voice Expansion Board is easy to install, no soldering is needed. For warranty and safety reasons, this work must however be done at an authorized Nord Lead service center/dealer