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FP User01/11/2008

L'avis de FP User (contenu en anglais)

Yamaha AN200
This little synth/sequencer/drum machine is packed with features. The only thing missing is an arpeggiator. But this is a super powerful tool.

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The manual is great, very simple. a little lacking on the science of sound synthesis, but i learned a lot from the internet. once you've been playing with this box for a while it's great, especially if you trigger it from a 64 note keyboard (the 12 note keyboard on the box is a little limiting).

it's "robust", but i'd need more than one to play a lot of my stuff live, as i layer the synth sounds i've got. in terms of hardiness, this thing is made of metal. it's tough and won't be breaking any time soon, a definite long term investment.


This synth is pretty versatile. It's good for house, techno, trance, and jungle. The synth effects are great, with 2 oscillators that can be master-slave or work just one, you can sync pitch the two oscillators, it has some good noise and distortion effects, a 2 pitch lfo's (sin, square, pulse, and a few others), a variable delay, flanger, pulse, and distortion effect, cutoff, feq, and resonance knobs. it's great to change these effects in real time. the snares are great too. however, the bass sounds are few and far between, but with a lot of tweaking you can get some phat sounds. i write drum and bass, and getting lots of cool bass sounds has been my main problem.


I love the synth sounds on this thing, and it has good drum sounds. all in all it's just a fun tool to play around with. great sounds, easy to use, versatile. it does the work of 3 machines. i've had this thing for over a year now, and am only begining to scratch the surface of it abilities.

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