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Annonces CTM 30 Little Stubby

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  • Fabricant : Ashdown
  • Modèle : CTM 30 Little Stubby
  • Série : CTM
  • Catégorie : Têtes d'amplis Basse
  • Fiche créée le : 09/02/2018

Ashdown’s Classic Tube Magnifier (CTM) range has been a long-time favourite of some of the biggest names in Bass, including Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters, James Johnson of Biffy Clyro, James LoMenzo and Michael Rhodes. 

The Ashdown CTM 30 ‘Little Stubby’ pushes the rules of valve Bass amplification to the limits in a never been seen before, neatly formed package of tube scrumptiousness.

For Ashdown, the CTM 30 Little Stubby marks the next developmental leap in their bass amplification bloodline. Improved tone, features, portability and control makes the Little Stubby a new icon in the Tube Bass amplification market.

Stubby, Stumpy, Small, Squat… or whatever you wish to call it. Measuring just 400mm wide, 220mm deep and 80mm tall, the 30-watt CTM-30 Little Stubby brings a classic all-tube tone in a compact and more portable gig-ready head.

With an all-new valve preamp and streamlined steelcasing with valves and transformers mounted horizontally for ease of transportation, the CTM Little Stubby is amongst the smallest, most portable tube amp in the world.

The Ashdown CTM-30 Little Stubby has an upgraded 30-watt EL84 driven power section and features a single instrument input with hi and low input sensitivity selector switch, for use with active or passive basses. The amp combines traditional ‘Bass, Middle and Treble’ rotary EQ control with a familiar Volume, Drive and Feedback controls to accomplish a contemporary all-tube tone from its ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83 preamp tubes. It’s extremely easy to finding the gain ‘sweet spot’ on the Little Stubby – producing a warm, full-bodied overdriven sound.

The CTM 30 Little Stubby features a balanced DI output, perfect for studio recording or for larger gigs where you need to get pure DI signal to the desk with a minimum hassle. If you want to use your favourite pedals or multi-effects, you’ll find some conveniently located send and return sockets on the front panel.

A duo of ¼” Jack sockets provides flexible partnering options with a range of Ashdown speaker cabinets at 4-ohm (minimum) or 8-ohm.

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