Universal Audio Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo
Universal Audio Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo

Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo, Carte son PCI/ISA + rack de la marque Universal Audio appartenant à la série Apollo.

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Universal Audio Thunderbolt Option Card for Apollo
If you have a Universal Audio Apollo series interface , then the Thunderbolt Option Card is a must have. This will put your interface on steroids, giving you lower latency and reduced buffer size. The Option Card will really boost your interface and systems performance. When I first purchased it I didn’t think that I would be able to install it because I have never dealt with installing something similar to this. It was pretty easy to install, if you have expansion room on your computer then you will be ok, its pretty much just sliding it in on a open slot.


The Thunderbolt Option Card with make your FireWire Ports into a FireWire Hub very easily. This will allow you to run a lot more plug ins without having to overload your system. Purchasing the Option Card was a great upgrade to my interface. It cost 500.00 to buy this on top of what the interface itself cost. But it was well worth it to upgrade my system and make it a FireWire powerhouse. I have only been using this for a few weeks now but I can tell that it will really last me a long time.


You can use the extra port to daisy chain more processor or hard drives if you would like to. The possibilities with the Option Card are really endless. The drivers are very stable and after installing your system should recognize the Option Card very easy if you did everything right. The manual and installation guides helped me tremendously when it came to my first time working with installing a port into my computer. It was easy to understand and follow step by step.


Knowing what I know , I am happy to have purchased this. Even though it did take a chunk out of the money I had saved it was still worth it. The quality is excellent and the support from Universal Audio is second to none. They will help you install or with any issues you may encounter.