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  • Fabricant : Soundcraft
  • Modèle : Vi2000
  • Série : Vi
  • Catégorie : Consoles numériques
  • Fiche créée le : 07/04/2016

96 input digital mixer with DSP, DANTE, MADI, Waves and Lexicon plug-ins and more

Control Surface
Input Faders 16
Output Faders 8 +3 (LRC masters) +1 (Monitor A/B)
Total Faders 28
3D Vistonics screens 3 (2 input, 1 master)
Fader bay operation  4x Fixed Input layers A/B/C/D giving 64 inputs on 16 fdrs.
Input channels can be assigned to Master bay for 24 input fdrs.
5x User layers 1-5
1x Busses 1-16 Layer plus screen assign 17-24, for 24 mono/stereo busses
VCA/A/B/C/D/E output/input fader pages, (A-E user definable)
Local I/O Physical connectors
Mic/Line Inputs 48, 32 or 16 configurable (max 3x 16ch out cards of 4 total) (Last 5 outs default to local monitors but can be repatched) 
AES/EBU In 2 (=4ch) plus optional 16ch via Vista1 card (remove 2 mic or line out cards to fit).
AES/EBU Out 2 (=4ch) plus optional 16ch via Vista1 card (remove 2 mic or line out cards to fit).
TB Mic in 1 front panel, with rear-switched 48V.
Phones out 1 ste jack, under armrest
Optical MADI In/Out 1 (outputs paralleled with Dante interface).
Dante ports  1x 64ch in/out (2x Ethercon Pri/Sec). 
Dante inputs are A/B switched with optical MADI.
D21m Option Slots 2 double/4single (total 128ch)
AES/EBU Input Sample Rate 32–108kHz (with SRC enabled)
Total number of simultaneous IO channels 246 inputs / 214 outputs 
(assumes 48 mic in/16 line out config)
DSP Mixing Core Soundcraft® SpiderCore
Processing 40-bit Floating point, 48kHz sample rate
Input Channels to mix 96 mono Pairable to 48 stereo
Busses - Aux/Grp 24 mono/stereo
Busses - Matrix From 24 bus pool – max 16 mono/stereo.
Busses - Master 3 (LRC)
Assignable Insert Points 64 + 4FX
Tie Lines 128 (allow Stagebox IO to connect to Local IO without using mixing channels.
Lexicon FX 4 units (14 reverbs, 7 delays, 8 pitch-shift effects in each unit)
Tap Delay from F-key 1-4.
BSS GEQ 24 mono/stereo +LRC. 
External Control Ports
Ethernet 1 (dedicated HiQnet / Realtime Rack control)
MIDI 1 In, 1 Out
Other Ports
Mains Input 2, switched (redundant power supplies built in)
USB2.0 4 (2 front, 2 rear)
Wordclock In /Out 2x BNC
DVI out Reserved for future use
Gooseneck lamp 4-pin XLR 2, for rear panel illumination
Stagebox Optional, via MADI optical or Cat 5 option cards fitted to D21m expansion slots. Can connect up to 2 x 64ch Vi Stageboxes. Also compatible with Compact Stagebox and Mini Stagebox


Frequency Response
Stagebox Mic input to Line output +0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
AES/EBU In to AES/EBU Out +0/-0.2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
T.H.D. & Noise


Stagebox Mic In (min gain) to Local Line Out

<0.003% @ 1kHz

Stagebox Mic In (max gain) to Local Line Out

<0.020% @ 1kHz

Local Line In to Line Out

<0.003% @ 1kHz


Mic Input E.I.N.

<-126dBu (150Ω source)

22Hz-22kHz bandwidth, unweighted 

Residual Noise -91dBu
Stagebox line output; no inputs routed, Mix fader @0dB 

CMRR, Stagebox Mic input 

80dB @ 1kHz

Sampling Frequency 48kHz


Stagebox Mic Input to Local Line output

< 2ms @48kHz


AES/EBU Input Sample Rate

32-108kHz (with SRC enabled)

DSP Resolution 40-bit floating point
Internal Clock Accuracy < +/- 50ppm
Internal Clock Jitter < +/- 2ns

External Sync

BNC Wordclock


Input & Output Levels 

Mic Inputs

+28dBu max

Line Inputs

+22dBu max

Line Outputs

+22dBu max

Nominal Operating Level

+4dBu (-18dBFS)


Input & Output Impedances 

Mic Inputs


All other analogue Inputs


Line Outputs


AES/EBU Outputs




20Hz to 20kHz/Pink/White Noise, variable level


Stagebox HP Filter

80Hz fixed, 12dB per octave

Channel HP Filter

20Hz-600Hz, 18dB per octave

Channel LP Filter

1kHz-20kHz, 18dB per octave


EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) 


20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7 or shelving


20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7


20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7


20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7 or shelving



Internal 20-segment LED bargraphs plus 9-segment gain reduction meters for all inputs and Outputs. Peak hold variable from 0-2s.

Mains Voltage Operating Range 90-264V, 47-63Hz, auto-ranging
Mains Power Consumption 250W
Temperature/Humidity Range

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Relative Humidity

0% - 90%, non-condensing Ta=40°C (104°F)

Storage Temperature Range

-20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Distribué par Freevox


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