Fostex PM841
Fostex PM841

PM841, Enceinte de monitoring active de la marque Fostex appartenant à la série PM.

Prix public : 500 € TTC
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tom.mcewan.10 21/12/2012

Fostex PM841 : l'avis de tom.mcewan.10 (contenu en anglais)

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I wanted a set of monitors that would be useful for acoustic music as well as rock.All the other monitors I tried seemed to be set up for Dance music.
They had too much Bass and tops and no mids.
i was about to give up and I heard these.
They sounded better than others 3 times the price in my opinion.


I know it will take a little time for the speakers to wear in, but so far the Low frequencies seem quite tight.The high frequencies are fairly flat,without the heavy sibilance that you get with most powered monitors.All the others I tried had the same top end sound ,(I guess to accent the Hi hats and percussion sounds in Dance Music).
Stereo Image is very good across all frequencies. The midrange is quite natural and it's easy to find problems in the mix.I ran the woofer with the bass setting turned down -3db as my room is small.


I like the price,which was exactly half of the others I tried.(Event, Focal, Mackie)
I was lucky that some friendly dealers would let me take them home to try in my studio. The only issue I had was quality control .One of the speakers had an internal rattle ,but the dealer replaced it without an problem. so far so good!. wouldn't hesitate to recommend that you try these before making a decision. Great value for money.
the others i compared these too were the Focal cms65 Event 2030 Mackie hr624.
All good but more set up for Dance music in my opinion.