Fostex PM841
Fostex PM841

PM841, Enceinte de monitoring active de la marque Fostex appartenant à la série PM.

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studiosampler 04/09/2012

Fostex PM841 : l'avis de studiosampler (contenu en anglais)

« Outstanding quality affordable monitors »

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We were hunting for an affordable pair of monitors for a music production and DJ setup - auditioned extensively side by side models from KRK, Yamaha, Tannoy and JBL - and it was immediately apparent that the 8.4.1 was serving up a much more natural and full sound for around the same price. Side-by-side with the KRK Rockit 8 the 8.4.1 has a much deeper and rounder bottom end, with mid range detail that made that KRK sound very 2 dimensional and flat in comparison. It's clear that by using a 3 way monitor, you get a much more accurate representation of the full frequency spectrum, with each driver in the monitor more able to properly do its work. I hadn't used many 3 way monitors in this price range since the Alesis Monitor 2's, and can honestly say that now this kind of tech is available at this price point, it really makes some of the other similarly priced 2-way offerings around seem significantly inferior.


The PM 8.4.1 translates mixes very accurately - deep basses with a full, round character and spectacularly detailed mids. The tops are smooth and precise - these speakers don't create any fatigue in the listener, and hours spent in front of them have passed with smooth mixes resulting and no excess wear and tear on the ears. Stereo is very evident with a stable center image. When switching between the KRK Rockit 8 and these in store the difference was profound - the Rockits sounded kind of choked and cardboardy while the 8.4.1s sounded open and spacious.

For their second purpose as monitors for the DJ setup these speakers have performed brilliantly - a huge fat sound is available with the twist of the volume knob - and the 3 way arrangement appears to serve up an enormous amount of bass and volume when you need it.


These speakers really do seem to be the superior choice when comparing what's available for the same money. It makes sense that a well built 3 way system will perform better than a similarly spec'd 2 way one - and the proof is really in the listening with these speakers. As always with monitors, only your own ears can tell you what sounds best to you - and side-by-side these monitors sounded like they were on the next level from my experience.

Mixes made on the 8.4.1s have translated really well, their precision is fantastic, they're great to listen to for hours on end, and when needed they can wind up and pump. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a great quality speaker for under $1000.