Fostex PM841
Fostex PM841

PM841, Enceinte de monitoring active de la marque Fostex appartenant à la série PM.

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theaudioandvideoguy 31/05/2012

Fostex PM841 : l'avis de theaudioandvideoguy (contenu en anglais)

« the hi's may hurt your ears »

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These monitors arent too expensive , and they sound pretty good which surprised me because usually when it comes to monitors if you don’t invest a solid amount of money then the quality of sound you will get wont be very good. The Fostex PM841’s are all black, so don’t expect to get some crazy colored ones like you can get with some other models like the KRK special additions.


The sound is pretty realistic, some of the hi’s seemed to be over the top for me. Just when mixing down some simple tracks it just seemed like the hi’s where too “hi” in the mix but just with these monitors . When I would play it back in a different set of monitors or headphones I wouldn’t get the same over done hi’s. So maybe the frequency range on this pushes the hi’s a little too much for me. But as for the low’s, they where great. I got a nice thick big sound when using this with the kick drum especially.


Overall, the thing that I like the best about them is the price. Not too many monitors in the market get you decent quality without spending a lot of money and these don’t cost that much as a pair. But keep in mind, like I said the hi’s seem to be a bit much so if you use a lot of higher pitches and tones in your music you will need to run the mix through a second set of monitors to make sure you don’t end up cutting out the hi’s based on how they sound in the Fostex PM 841’s. But if you can get around that problem you will get a good quality mix. I wouldn’t plan on doing a master in them though. I just don’t think they are built to master music in. If you want to master, invest in some higher end KRK’s .