Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7

Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7

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Woolly Mammoth 7, Fuzz guitare de la marque Zvex.

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Fiche technique Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7

  • Fabricant : Zvex
  • Modèle : Woolly Mammoth 7
  • Catégorie : Fuzz guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 13/11/2015

A fuzz effect pedal for bass and guitar with a Marshall-style 3-band EQ/tone stack

Pinch: Controls the pulse width of the fuzz. Turning this control clockwise yields a progressively more clipped nasal fuzz with increased gating action.

Wool: This controls the amount of fur on the fuzz.


Because why not. There is something magical about peering into the heart of a device, to see its inner workings. Who hasn’t marveled at what goes on inside a watch, or an internal combustion engine. An LED status indicator is utilitarian; a brightly lit view into the heart of the matter is Art.

Expanded Tone Circuit: The WM7TM features a Marshall TM style tone stack with Bass, Mid, and Treble controls. This is a departure from the original Woolly with its single tone knob. The tone stack allows for expanded tone shaping capability. Being able to switch it in and out of the signal path makes it a valuable tool for sculpting fuzz into dense soundscapes. The tone stack is switched in and out of the circuit with the footswitch on the lower left portion of the pedal. The LED next to the switch indicates that the tone controls are active when lit. The tone circuit does not apply to your signal when the WM7TM is in bypass.

Tone Bypassed: This feature allows you to bypass the tone circuit completely. The WM7TM fuzz without EQ has its own unique voice, much different from the sound of a WM7TM with tone stack, or the single tone knob of the standard Woolly MammothTM. The fuzz is more linear, with pronounced mid frequencies.

Independent Volume Controls: VOL 1 is tied to the WM7TM with the tone stack ON. VOL 2 is volume for the WM7TM with the tone stack OFF. The benefits of this feature are varied. Independent volume controls can be used to match apparent volumes of EQ and non-EQ tones, or to accentuate one side for dramatic effect.


Your hand-painted Woolly Mammoth 7TM has a lifetime warranty (Zack’s lifetime). For hand-painted Z.Vex Effects warranty info and for any repair questions, consult http://zvex.com/repairs for more information.


All Z.Vex pedals use 9V DC power supply with (–) polarity on the middle pin (typical Boss® or other 9V power supply). Using the incorrect supply may damage your pedal. Your WM7TM may also be powered by a 9V battery.

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Zvex lance la fuzz Woolly Mammoth 7

Zvex lance la fuzz Woolly Mammoth 7

13 Publiée le 13/11/15
Zvex a retravaillé sa pédale de fuzz pour guitare et basse Woolly Mammoth en lui ajoutant notamment un égaliseur trois bandes.

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  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7
  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7
  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7
  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth 7

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