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Yamaha SubKick
The Yamaha Subkick is a unique microphone designed for recording really low frequencies.  It is unique in its design because it is actually a speaker that has been reversed and turned into a microphone.  I've seen a lot of studios have their own homemade version of this, but Yamaha has made the process much easier for those who wouldn't know how to do it themselves.  It comes with a nice stand for easy set up and has a standard XLR connection.


I first used the Yamaha Subkick about six months ago after using a homemade version of this type of microphone and I'm definitely a fan of it.  It is quite easy to set up and does its job well as it can really pick up some low frequencies, making it the perfect microphone for recording kick drum and bass guitar, but it is also suitable for a variety of other applications, it just depends what type of sound you are going.  I've only really used it for kick drum and bass guitar as I've only had access to it a limited number of times.  I'd like to pick one up these up for my home studio as it is a great mic to add to the collection, however, unless you have a good room to use it in I would probably not recommend using it as it will pick up all of the low end noise and rumble that you may not necessarily want.  The price of the Yamaha Subkick is quite reasonable in my opinion and make it a legitimate option for anyone looking to get their hands on this.  I would definitely recommend checking out the subkick if you are looking for a microphone that can pick up as much low end as you can handle and sometimes even more than you can handle!