Avid Artist Control
Avid Artist Control

Artist Control, Surface de contrôle MIDI motorisée de la marque Avid appartenant à la série Artist.

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L'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)"Loving this unit"

Avid Artist Control
The Avid Artist Control has 4 touch sensitive motorized faders and programmable buttons and knobs. There are transport controls on this unit which is one of the reasons I feel like it is so much better than the Artist Mix from Avid. The touch screen is a brilliant edition to the Artist Control that the “Mix” from Avid didn’t have either. The only issue with the touch screen is that sometimes in can be a bit unresponsive and I had to tap a few times in the same spot to get it to register properly. This could cause some major issues for me down the road.
Setting up the Avid Artist Control was very easy just like most Avid products are, I didn’t even have to open up the manual or quick start guide to get it set up and running with my Mac or my PC. There are 12 assignable soft keys which is enough but it would have been a plus if there were more on this unit, especially with the price tag on it. The touch screen interface is a 800 x 480 pixel touch screen which has a bright display and really is easy to read and work with in any lighting situation.
There are no audio inputs or outputs on this unit, some would say it would be nice if it did have some since it is considered a “mixer” but it didn’t make any difference to me. There are only 4 faders and 9 knobs on this unit but if you have everything set up the proper way and you are comfortable with it, then it really doesn't matter that there aren't more faders and knobs. The 35 dedicated soft keys and 12 assignable soft keys fit right in with my set up and was just enough for me to work with. There are no performance pads on this unit but since it is used as a “mixer” there was no need for any. I was very happy working with this unit, the only issue that I had was with the touch screen responsiveness sometimes.