Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

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MM-Bass Amped, Basse virtuelle de la marque Scarbee.

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Fiche technique Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

  • Fabricant : Scarbee
  • Modèle : MM-Bass Amped
  • Catégorie : Basses virtuelles
  • Fiche créée le : 23/12/2016

Banque de samples pour Kontakt basée sur une basse Fender Precision Bass passée par quatre amplis différents et inspirée du son de Bernard Edwards (Chic), pour les styles R&B, pop, rock et hard rock

  • Playable in real time – with the exception of cross hammering and trills all of the articulations in the list given further below can be triggered without the need for any keyswitches. Eg. Hammer-on & pull-offs are triggered by legato playing and fast grace notes by fast legato playing.
  • A powerful user interface that pushes the Kontakt user interface to its limits: a fretboard display gives an overview of the playing position and for each string what fret and articulation (displayed as a unique symbol) that are used & dynamically updated as you play.
  • All four strings sampled, more than 4 000 samples and up to 9 velocity layers to capture the full timbre of the bass.
  • Each string is monophonic so new notes replace earlier notes, giving a perfectly realistic bass.
  • Automatic string selection – play and the script selects the most suitable string for you. Use keyswitches to limit the string choice or to move the active playing position (placement of left hand). The automatic string selection is tailor-made to work well with every articulation.
  • Automatic alternation of right hand index and middle finger samples (can also be controlled using keyswitches).
  • Convenient keyswitch mode – a keyswitch effects the following note or remains active as long as it’s pressed – making it easy to quickly return to the default mode of operation.
  • Slide mode – play a note legato while holding the sustain pedal pressed to trigger a slide. The velocity will determine a slide speed anywhere between 60 to 480 bpm. Slides use real interval transitions sampled in three different speeds for realism and employ a new technique invented by Skarbye/Liberg to significantly reduce RAM usage. Slides are available for every interval up to an octave down and up from the current note. It’s also possible to play multiple slides consecutively going up and then down alternately.
  • Chord mode – makes it possible for notes to be automatically assigned to the right strings even if the notes of a chord don’t arrive exactly at the same time.
  • Control over release samples – random alternation between different release samples where the proportion of each can be controlled by the user. Select a default release type and use a keyswitch to toggle between the chosen default behaviour and other types.
  • Pickup-hits– randomly inserted where they are most likely to occur in real-life playing. The user can set the probability of a pickup-hit to occur.
  • The sound of Mr. Scarbee’s own fingers.
  • Bass recorded DI to give you maximum flexibility in the sound production.
  • EQ and Effect Presets – direct in the instrument user interface.
  • Integrated documentation for all settings – direct in the instrument user interface.


  • Sustains
  • Mutes
  • Harmonics
  • Hammer-on
  • Pull-off
  • Fast grace notes
  • Slides – in practically any speed and any interval 
  • Trills and trill-tails
  • Buzz-trills
  • Cross hammering
  • Chords
  • Chord slides
  • Percussive slides
  • Index and middle finger alternation
  • Two different sets of release samples: loose and tight
  • Pickup-hit noises
  • Fret noises

four different amp setups :

  • Fat is a round and tight bass sound specially produced for rock and pop oriented music productions.
  • Heavy is an edgy and hard bass sound specially produced for heavy rock oriented music productions.
  • Crunchy is a powerful and mildly distorted bass sound specially produced for rock oriented music productions.
  • Pop is a fat and crispy bass sound specially produced for R&B and pop oriented music productions.

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L'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)"Skeptical at first, but overall pleased"

Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 core and an RME Fireface 800 and so far it runs pretty smoothly. I have had no glitches or dropped notes but I have experienced a little latency issue but I will go into that later. I have not needed to look at the manual so far as I am fairly experienced with Kontakt Libraries. Simply load up the Library, select the Bass tone you want (fat is my favorite) and you are off. All of the basic features can be accessed via the "front panel" of the plugin. If you have used Kontakt before, you know there is a ton of stuff you can edit under the hood, but that has more to do with Kontakt itself rather than this particular instrument.


I run this mainly in Kontakt Standalone but also in Ableton 8 and Logic 9. Everything performs stable and solid but like I mentioned before, I have had some interesting latency issues. I am not sure if this is an issue or is just inherent to the type of instrument it is. Essentially, this is designed to be a Bass Guitar sample set, but similar to how high end Violin Sample sets are played, there seems to be a hair of latency that is either a flaw or possibly a feature to further the realism. When you say, jump an octave and a half span, there is what I assume a little loss of time to allow the "computer bass player" to get up the fret board. My first experience with features like this was with L.A. Recording Strings by Audio Bro. To me, it sounds great in LASS but not as good MM Bass. It could be that I am biased as I am a pretty ripping bass player but a poor excuse for a Violin player so I could be expecting to much. It's funny, as I write this, I realize that maybe I should read that manual to see if I can adjust this. When I do, I will edit this review. With the current setup, I have to give it an 8 for performance due to this "latency issue." I have had this for a few months and still use it quite a bit for quick ideas and for some clients who, after hearing the scratch tracks done with these samples, were pleased enough and decided not to record a real bass player to save time and money.


First off, I should say that I was skeptical of this sound set because unlike the other Libraries I have, I actually own a good enough bass rig that I never thought I would want or use this sound set. I ended up getting it to do a commercial jingle rough draft for some clients while I was away from my studio and was quite pleased with the actual sound quality. In the end, it has ended up on a few final drafts. So what do I love about it? Now I have the ability to craft a solid, strong sounding bass line from my laptop, which can come in very handy. What I don't like about it is two main things. The first is the latency issue I discussed earlier and the other is something that can be found in a lot of sampled instruments, high frequency noise. It's not too bad by any means, but I noticed while comparing MM bass to my actual basses through the same rig that it will start to build if you get really busy on the keyboard. It can be masked enough to not drive you crazy with some eq/filtering though. I should mention that besides that little bit of noise and the little latency issue, the samples sound quite good through my bass rig, actually really good. If I could fix this latency thing, I might start leaving my bass rig at home and just do some performances with my keyboard as I almost always have to bring that anyway. I have never used any Bass sampled instruments that are of any note, but I have to say that I am fairly impressed with the beef this plugin can dish out. I would definitely purchase again as is has come in quite handy for studio work, but might shy away if it was solely for performance.

News Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

Scarbee ouvre sa boutique en ligne

Scarbee ouvre sa boutique en ligne

Publiée le 23/12/16
Les banques Scarbee étaient jusqu’alors uniquement vendus sur le site de Native Instruments. Mais le développeur les propose désormais sur son site.

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