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Autre effet studio de la marque Eventide

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Eventide H3000 ULTRA HARMONIZERPublié le 21/04/09 à 02:03
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer is a unique studio effect that is one of the first of its kind in terms of harmonizers. It is an all analog unit and is a rack mountable unit that will take up two rack spaces. I'm not sure what connection types the Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer has because the studio I have used it at has it pre racked.


The configuration of the Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer isn't the easiest to follow, and since it is a unique effect, it takes a little while to understand and be able to use everything on this unit. There aren't that many parameters, but the lay out is sometimes hard to follow since it is one of the first analog harmonizers out there. The possibilities are pretty varied when it comes to this unit, but isn't the easiest unit to navigate on.


The sound quality of the Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer is pretty good considering how old this unit is. It can definitely be useful in the studio if you want to figure out or add some harmony parts to your vocals or any other instruments you might want to add to. I mostly have used the Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer for vocals, but have also tried it on guitar and keyboards, with some pretty interesting and cool results.


I've been using the Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer for about five years and it is definitely an interesting piece of gear to say the least. When it comes to harmonies, I would rather actually sing them myself than let a machine do them for me, but this can provide you with some awesome sounding effects and definitely has interesting creative capabilities to it. The price isn't that cheap if you can find one used, but I wouldn't really recommend buying one of these unless you are a professional studio anyway because it isn't worth it this day and age. The Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer is definitely worthy of a try though.

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Eventide
  • Modèle : H3000 ULTRA HARMONIZER
  • Catégorie : Autres effets studio
  • Fiche créée le : 24/03/2008

The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer has found its way into almost every professional studio in the world. It's range of effects and upgradable presets and algorithms have allowed the H3000 to enjoy a long successful life. The introduction of the Mod Factory option allows modular analog-like contruction of effects presets. 
The H3000DSE has 21 algorithms with 600 standard presets, including the presets from the H3000DSX. The H3000 offers a variety of effects, including true stereo pitch shift, pitch-correcting diatonic pitch shift, linear-predictive vocoder, six voice polyphonic synth, and a 19 waveform LFO function generator with full control via a comprehensive MIDI implementation. The multi-shift algorithm allows pitch shifting over a six octave range great for mangling and processing audio. Reverse and layered pitch shift are also available. Also available are instant phaser, multi-band delays, swept comb filter, and ultra-tap delay. The built-in waveform function generator operates like a synthesizer's LFO - its 19 periodic or triggered waveforms plus pink and white noise are assignable to most all parameters of the effects program. It's possible to create MIDI triggered effects, unique chorus modulations, autopans, and tremolos. 
Editing the effects programs is fairly straight forward, and greatly assisted by the well thought out user interface. The front panel features a large green backlit 80 character LCD display with four soft buttons. Parameters can be edited with the data entry knob, up/down buttons, the numeric keypad, or via MIDI. Dual ten segment bar graph meters aid in setting input levels. 
I find the H3000 an indispensible tool in the studio, and is exceptional on guitar, synths, and even drums. The delays are superb and the mod factory option adds a lot of flexibility and yields unique sounds. The H3000 is starting to show its age though, having been been replaced in the Eventide line-up with the DSP4000 and the brand new multi-channel 24bit/96khz Orville. Nonetheless, Eventide has done a great job supporting the unit and still makes the broadcast, sampler, and mod factory options available.

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