Gibson Les Paul Custom - "Inspired by Series" - John Sykes Signature
Gibson Les Paul Custom - "Inspired by Series" - John Sykes Signature

Les Paul Custom - "Inspired by Series" - John Sykes Signature, Guitare de forme LP de la marque Gibson appartenant à la série Les Paul.

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tjon901 10/11/2011

Gibson Les Paul Custom - "Inspired by Series" - John Sykes Signature : l'avis de tjon901 (contenu en anglais)

« Broken in John Sykes model »

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John Sykes is a guitar players guitar player. He isnt a loud guy who gets tons of attention. He isnt that real known. Everyone has heard his work though. He was one of the last guitars players in Thin Lizzy and he wrote much of Whitesnakes self titled album which turned Whitesnake into super stars although he was fired right after the album was completed. This is one of the 2 tribute models based on his guitar. The first model features his guitar in pristine condition. The 2nd model this one features his guitar how it looks now after life on the road for 30 years. This is probably the most extreme relicing you will ever find on a Gibson. The finish on the back of the guitar is completely gone to simulate 30 years of live gigs with studded heavy metal belts. Much of the finish on the back of the neck is gone as well. This relicing gives the guitar a nice worn in feel and makes it easier to play. Other than the relicing the specs are exactly the same as the other model. This guitar is basically a 70s Les Paul Custom with some John Sykes addons. This guitar has a mahogany body with a maple top. The neck is maple like a 70s Les Paul Custom. The guitar is black but all the hardware is silver or chrome. The pickups are not correct for the ideal Sykes sound. This guitar has Classic 57s which are nice but the Sykes sound from back in the day was done with a Dirty Fingers in the bridge, Gibsons hottest pickup from the 80s. I know Sykes uses the Classic 57's now but back in the day when he was rocking the world he had a Dirty Fingers in the bridge position. The controls are standard Gibson with a volume and tone for each pickup and a 3 way toggle on the upper bout.


With the reliced finish this guitar feels like you have been playing for 30 years. The back of the neck is nice and fast like the finish was removed since it pretty much is. The frets are big like Sykes likes them. This combined with the ebony fretboard means you have a really slick feel. The guitar is heavy like a Les Paul should be. There is no chambering here. This is solid mahogany with a maple neck 70s style. I wish they would have aged the wood under the relicing on the body. On the one I tested out the wood was pretty pale. I know on Sykes personal guitar the exposed wood on the back of the body is really dark probably from years of sweat.


Even though these are not the ideal pickups for the true 80s John Sykes sound they are still very good pickups. They easily could have thrown in the same pickups you would get with a Les Paul Studio and called it a day. This guitar has a set of Classic 57s which gives more of a traditional Les Paul sound. The Dirty Fingers tone was a very hot 80s tone which Sykes is usually associated with. The tone from the Classic 57s is good but not very Sykesy. You get classic PAF tone with these pickups. The maple neck gives a slightly different tone as well. It is slightly brighter than a normal Les Paul which is part of the Sykes tone. The Brass nut is also a very interesting feature. I have always wondered why guitar makers use bone and plastic nuts in their guitars. In the 70s it was very popular to use steel or brass nuts and I see the logic in this since the frets are metal you would want your nut to be metal so your open notes sound the same as the fretted ones. I guess guitar makers are not as creative or daring as they were in the 70s. The brass nut on this guitar also helps get the bright Sykes 80s tone on the Les Paul. Plug this into an old Mesa MK amp and you have Sykes tone for days.


The price tag on this guitar puts it out of the reach of anyone but the most hardcore John Sykes fans. There cheaper copies of this guitar out if you dont need the relicing. You can get an Edwards copy of this guitar with hot Seymour Duncans for about 1000 USD. Price aside this guitar is a beast and is a very accurate copy of what John Sykes has played for nearly 30 years. You probably wont see a Gibson with this level of relicing ever again. If you are a hardcore John Sykes fan that has the funds this is the only guitar you will need.