MOTU Micro Express

MOTU Micro Express

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Micro Express, Interface MIDI de la marque MOTU appartenant à la série Micro Express.

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Fiche technique MOTU Micro Express

  • Fabricant : MOTU
  • Modèle : Micro Express
  • Série : Micro Express
  • Catégorie : Interfaces MIDI
  • Fiche créée le : 01/04/2002
Type :
  • 1/2 Rack sur, Port USB1.1, Port Série, Port Parallèle.
  • 4 entrée(s) MIDI.
  • 6 sortie(s) MIDI.
  • Synchro SMPTE.
  • Routing MIDI.
  • Fonctionnement autonome.
Logiciels :
  • Drivers Windows/9x/2000/XP.
  • Drivers MacOS/9.x.
  • Drivers /WDM.
Remarques :
  • Existe en 2 versions: Série/Parallèle et Série/USB.

Source : MOTU

Distribué par MSC Distribution


Avis utilisateurs MOTU Micro Express

Note moyenne :4.5( 4.5/5 sur 4 avis )
 2 avis50 %
 2 avis50 %

L'avis de steph.H

MOTU Micro Express
Simplicité, prix


Drivers super stables.
Utilisation avec cubase SX.


Utilisé depuis 1 an
genial, simple et efficace.

L'avis de Anonyme

MOTU Micro Express
-boitier externe USB
-MIDI: 4in/6out
-synchro SMPTE/MTC possible
-permet la configuration personnelle du filtrage grace à un logiciel sur MAcou PC....mais également possibilité utilisation sans ordinateur avec
des configu presets très bien conçus.


-drivers stables (MOTU est une référence en interface MIDI).
-Je l'ai déjà utilisé sous Mac et sur Win98...No problem.
-Logiciel utilisé avec : sur mac,c'est Protools
sur PC, c'est cakewalk
-Je n'ai jamais saturé cette interface...mais il faut avouer que ma configuration n'est pas très lourde.


-utilisation depuis 2 ans.
-Point fort: pratique, petit , plein de possibilité, très simple à utiliser.
-point noir: J'ai pas encore trouver.
-Rapport qualité/prix bon...elle coute 3500F avec toutes ses possibilités, c'est honnête.
-Je l'a conseille à tout homestudio un peu évoluer....fini les bidouilles .
contenu en anglais

L'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)"Great device, A little over priced"

MOTU Micro Express
The Micro Express USB by MOTU cost about 250 dollars brand new, not that that is a bad price but I feel like its about 75 dollars overpriced. The Micro Express is the smaller version of the MIDI Express XT by MOTU. The Express USB is very easy to use and it is all plug and play. It does come with a manual which you will not need to read through unless its your first time working with MIDI and understanding it. The Micro Express is 4 in and 6 out and can give you control of up to 96 MIDI channels. I used the Micro Express USB with Cubase LE, it synced up all of my MIDI connections really fast. Even if I have to swap out some connects for different ones I didn’t even have to restart Cubase for it to recognize the “new” MIDI connection.


Though I have been using it for a while now, I have not had any driver updates and have not needed them. While using it on my Dual Core PC or on my Laptop when I go mobile I never have any driver or connection issues. Your USB port is what provides power to the Micro Express USB so there are not wall plug ins for power. All of the music that I make mostly comes in Cubase with this Micro Express USB. I have used it in FL Studio on a few occasions which is more of a pain when it comes to MIDI so I stay away from connecting any MIDI with FL Studio.


Besides it being a little overpriced in my opinion its still a great MIDI controller/interface for your connections. With enough ins and outs to run your personal or mobile studio. The unit seems to be pretty well built. Its not as big as I thought it was going to be, its really small and mobile. It fits in my laptop bag with my laptop in it. I do wish it came with some new MIDI cords though.
contenu en anglais

L'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)"A must have for the Midi studio"

MOTU Micro Express
This is a very simple tool. It is simply a Midi "router" that allows you to connect older (and newer, but most have there own USB interface) synthesizers and devices and gain full control through your computer. The fact that it is very simple in use and setup and that it is MOTU, a brand I have used before and had no issues with are what motivated me to purchase this. I use this for a TC Helicon Voiceworks, Roland D-110, and Yamaha FB-01. All three of those were a HUGE! pain to edit. With this unit and MidiQuestXL (TC Helicon has it's own free editor) I can deep edit these devices and get some sounds and effects I never knew were possible. I run this all with a Macbook Pro and a RME Fireface 800 through Ableton 8.


This unit is plug and play with a mac. I have not needed to install drivers or firmware updates as of yet. I have not overloaded this midi interface. It handles those three units mentioned above with ease. I have not used all 5 in/outs yet, but as soon as I gain so more old dusty synths, I will be sure to do it. I use this unit most with MidiQuest XL, Ableton 8 and sometimes Logic 9. Setup in Logic 9 is a little bit more difficult than in Ableton 8 due to Logic 9's somewhat confusing environment. Ableton 8 however is a breeze. Simple configure it in your Midi settings. Then create a Midi track and point it towards the MOTU Micro Midi. MidiQuestXL is also fairly easy to setup. It doesn't matter what music style you use. If you use any synthesizers with a Midi In/Midi out connection, then you definitely want this. Especially if you have a synth like the Roland D-110, and you don't want to use there Multi-function per button setup.


I love this unit because it is extremely easy to setup, simple in it's capabilities and it's a 1/2 rack unit. The Yamaha FB-01 is also a 1/2 rack and I have had a 1/2 space empty in my rack for years. There is nothing I don't like about this unit. It has a simple task and it performs it flawlessly. These still run new for around $150 and I got mine for $50 on ebay. I am very happy with that excellent deal. This unit deals with Midi only and no sound. This is the only multi Midi interface I have ever owned. I definitely recommend this unit and when I need more midi inputs, I will buy another one.

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