Samson Technologies R11

Samson Technologies R11

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R11, Microphone dynamique de la marque Samson Technologies.

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  • Fabricant : Samson Technologies
  • Modèle : R11
  • Catégorie : Microphones dynamiques
  • Fiche créée le : 25/03/2004

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Avis utilisateurs Samson Technologies R11

Note moyenne :3.5( 3.5/5 sur 3 avis )
 1 avis33 %
 1 avis33 %
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L'avis de Intip"Excellent pour le live..."

Samson Technologies R11
Surtout efficace en live, utilisé particulièrement pour la voix. Le son à tendance à cacher les hautes fréquences de la qu'il soit parfait pour la scène. Le R11 de Samson est un micro hyper cardioïde dynamique, robuste qui résiste bien aux Larsen.


Utilisé depuis je ne sais pas combien d'années!!! (Quince je crois) il se montre solide et beau. Je l'ai choisi après avoir utilisé des Sennheiser et Shure car il se détache du lot par sa clarté. Dans mon groupe tous on adopté le R11 de Samson pour les voix.
Même si Samson le montre comme un micro pour la scène et l'enregistrement je l'utilise seulement pour le live car pour l'enregistrement je préfère un micro à large membrane.
Rapport qualité prix excellente pour du bon matos. Je referais ce choix sans hésiter!!!
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L'avis de mrjason (contenu en anglais)"Not for music"

Samson Technologies R11
The Samson R11 Dynamic is a vocal microphone that is very inexpensive, and knowing how inexpensive it was is why I took a chance on it. The quality of this microphone is decent, nothing to be excited about though and nothing that I would use for any events. I originally purchased this microphone about 5 years ago and still own it today but do not use it.


I would compare this microphone to some of the lowest level Shure mics , but I would put the Shure mics ahead of this one because this is not used for recording. It is more of a “karaoke” style microphone and if you are going to use it for that purpose than it will work great. Or if you are hosting some type of event or function outside it will sound good. But if you are using it as a vocal microphone for music then you will not like it. The vocal range of a singer is just too much for this microphone to handle.
Though it cannot handle vocal range, it sure can take some drops and spills. I have put this microphone through torture when I first got it and it still worked fine. If you are a DJ and need a cheap microphone than this mic is perfect for you, it has a hyper-cardioid polar pattern and it is pretty good at rejecting feedback.
Outside of public speaking, or karaoke use, this microphone has no practical functions in the music world. The vocal range is poor and you audience will be able to tell if you try to sing with it. I would have to pass on this microphone, plus it is an older microphone that is still being sold because they never stopped manufacturing them. Stay away from it unless you need a karaoke mic to play with.
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L'avis de mitchgeist (contenu en anglais)"Great low price mic"

Samson Technologies R11
I have used cheap mikes and good mikes in my lifetime as a professional musician. But I just joined a new band and the mike I was using was starting to lose its sound quality, so I purchased a SM58 and took it to practice. The other musicians in the band were aslo using SM58's. I also had three of the R11's in my bag and I said I would like to try one of them out,so I hooked one up to the Pa and tried it out. The other people asked me what kind of mic I useing and I told them. They asked me how much they cost and when I told them they called me a lier. When we went to play our first job together in a very famous hotel, there were three R11's on the stage that night along with two SM58's. My SM58 was in my bag. These mics are as good as any and I am a singer with a very strong voice that has broken down other mics. Beleive me these are top of the line vocal mics.


I exspect to keep using these mics for a long tome. If anything ever happens to these mics I will buy more of them to replace the ones that I have. I'll keep the SM58 in my bag but it will only come out if something happens to the R11's and then it will go back into the back after I replace the R11's with new ones. The price and the Quality of the sound is the key here. You will never ever beat it.

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  • Samson Technologies R11

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