Royer Labs SF-24

Royer Labs SF-24

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SF-24, Microphone à ruban de la marque Royer Labs.

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  • Fabricant : Royer Labs
  • Modèle : SF-24
  • Catégorie : Microphones à ruban
  • Fiche créée le : 25/01/2007

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Distribué par Tiger Audio


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L'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)"Unreal!!"

Royer Labs SF-24
Royer SF-24 microphones where used in a studio downtown for a few years, whenever we had the chance to get into that particular studio we did because how much we loved these microphones. The SF 24 by Royer is a newer version of the SF 12. The SF-24 is very quiet and has a very low self noise to it that is lower than 18 decibels. It does not matter which instrument you are recording with the SF -24 or how far away from the SF-24 you are, you will still get a great recording without the need to process the sound anymore. All of the frequencies are very consistent and when you look at the recording in an equalizer you will see how consistent they really are. The Royer SF-24 has 2 balanced head amplifier systems that have low sensitivity of -40dB. You can pretty much use the Royer SF-24 with any pre amp that you want.


The SF-24 may look fragile but when you actually get to see one up close and feel it you will see that its pretty solid and well built. That doesn’t mean that you should take a chance with it though because the cost of it is over 4000. Which makes it pretty much out of the reach for any at home musician. I am very thankful for the handful of times that I got to use this microphone. It almost makes you not want to record instruments with any other microphone at all. The sound quality is amazing and unmatched. I have yet to hear a microphone that can record brass like the SF-24 can. If you get a chance or can afford to get this microphone it is a must have! Seriously! At least call around local studios and see if they carry it, so you can use it!
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L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Royer Labs SF-24
The Royer Labs SF-24 is a stereo ribbon microphone that is uniquely powered by phantom power.  The mic is a real innovation as there aren't too many stereo ribbon microphones out there in a modern sturdy casing and that is powered by phantom power.  I would only recommend using the mic inside of the studio as it really isn't suited for any other type of use.  The mic has a figure eight polar pick up pattern and has an output volume that is a lot louder than most other ribbon microphones out there.


The Royer Labs SF-24 is an absolutely awesome sounding microphone.  It is unlike any other microphone that I have used in the past, and I've only had the pleasure of using the microphone two times.  Both times that I used it I used it for picking up the room sounds and ambiance during the recording of a live recording session in the studio.  I was immediately impressed with the detail and warmth that this microphone brings to the table and I would imagine that it would sound pretty great for close micing acoustic instrument as well.  I'm hoping to get back to the studio that I used this microphone at sooner rather than later as I don't see too many of these being a freelance engineer.  The mic is definitely designed and catered toward professionals as the mic has an extremely large price tag and is probably out of the budget for most studio owners.  However, those professionals who are looking for a stereo ribbon mic regardless of what it will cost them, the SF-24 is for you and needs to be looked into.  This is probably the best stereo ribbon microphone that money can buy barring something vintage that I don't know about as Royer really is the best modern manufacturer of high end ribbon mics.  Overall, Royer's SF-24 is an incredible microphone that is the best of its kind that I have used...

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