Waves MaxxBass

Waves MaxxBass

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MaxxBass, Exciter logiciel de la marque Waves appartenant à la série MaxxBass.

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Fiche technique Waves MaxxBass

  • Fabricant : Waves
  • Modèle : MaxxBass
  • Série : MaxxBass
  • Catégorie : Exciters logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 28/09/2004

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Avis utilisateurs Waves MaxxBass

Note moyenne :4.6( 4.6/5 sur 5 avis )
 3 avis60 %
 2 avis40 %
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L'avis de Bubbagump"Rescue"

Waves MaxxBass
J'ai vraiment apprécié de l'avoir sous la main au mixage dans des cas ou il y a eu un loupé à la prise. Les cas typiques : une basse enregistrée en DI avec une impédance qui matche pas super, une grosse caisse fermée blindée de coussins ... Une contrebasse avec un sm58 à 50 cm :)

Là il est irremplaçable, du moins pas avec des EQ, ni des compresseurs multibandes.

Les réglages sont assez intuitifs, mais ça vaut le coup de prendre son temps.

Je trouve qu'un ratio de 2/1, une fréquence de coupure entre 50 et 80hz, une pente de 6db/octave sont un bon point de départ. Ajuster le fader de "maxbass", et laisser les deux autres à 0. Faut faire gaffe, on a vite fait d'en faire trop.

Le rendu dans le bas aura tendance à être un peu mou, mais ça marche super bien pour remettre sur des rails un mix un peu court sur pattes dans le grave.

Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de l’utiliser autrement qu'en curatif. Mais ne serait-ce que pour cela, il est dans la liste des trucs à avoir.

got no affiliation with waves ....

EDIT : Les émulation de pultec peuvent aussi réveiller le grave. On a quelque chose de plus ferme, vif et naturel qu'un maxbass. Mais de toute façon le maxbass génère du grave, il restera la seule solution quand ces fréquences sont totalement absentes.


L'avis de Hug42"Bon"

Waves MaxxBass
L'installation se fait-elle sans problème ?
Oui (requière un compte et une clé i-lok pour les licences bundles, plugins seuls et démo)

La configuration générale est-elle facile ?

Avez vous rencontré des incompatibilités ?

Le manuel est-il clair et suffisant ?
Oui mais pas de version en français (petit bémol)


Quelle est la configuration de votre ordinateur ?
PC intel celeron 2.50 Ghz 4 Go RAM Windows 7 64-bit, Asus carte mère. Séquenceur Ableton Live

Le logiciel fonctionne-t-il correctement sur cette configuration ?

Cette configuration matérielle+logicielle est-elle stable ?


Depuis combien de temps l'utilisez vous ?
4 mois

Aviez vous essayé beaucoup d'autres modèles avant de l'acquérir ?

Quelle est la particularité que vous aimez le plus, le moins ?
Je pense que ce n'est pas l'excellence mais bien dosé sur une basse et/ou sur un mix complet, le résultat est intéressant pour les musiques demandant un son grave bien gonflé. Les presets pour les différents types d'écoutes sont pas mal.

Comment jugez vous le rapport qualité/prix ?
Comme pour la gamme waves, cher mais si on en a l'utilité, vaut la peine.

Avec l'expérience, referiez vous ce choix ?
Oui vut le style de musique que je compose.
contenu en anglais
Adyssey Beats26/06/2012

L'avis de Adyssey Beats (contenu en anglais)"Bass you can really feel"

Waves MaxxBass
Getting Waves MaxxBass up and running was, as with all of the other Waves plug-ins I've used, a piece of cake. There were no compatibility issues and, although I didn't read the manual I can definitely say it's a fairly easy VST to get the hang of. The interface consists of a cut-off frequency fader, an input bass, original bass, and maxx bass fader, and parameters that affect the dynamics and harmonics of the signal. All in all a pretty straight-forward, easy to use plug-in.


Again, as with all of the other Waves plug-ins I've had the pleasure of using, MaxxBass has been a completely stable, reliable addition to my VST library. I'm using a MacBook Pro with a 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM and so far everything has been working like a charm. Of course I don't really automate functions on MaxxBass, which may put more stress on my DAW's CPU usage, so I'm not entirely sure how it performs under more strenuous circumstances. I can say, however, that as a sound shaper for some really punchy, fat bass, this is one of my favorites. It really adds a level to your bass that you can feel, sort of like a 32 or 64 ft. organ pipe would. I have successfully employed its effects in Hip-Hop, DubStep, and House tracks and it has done the job well in each scenario. I've only had this plug-in for a couple months, but I feel like it will be a prominent player in my arsenal for a little while.


Overall Waves MaxxBass is one of the best ways to get a deep thump in your low ends. This is a huge asset seeing as though drowned out bass is a serious problem in mixes - just watch your levels and be conservative because after all, it packs a punch. Very effective and extremely reliable, in the right doses you can't go wrong with MaxxBass.
contenu en anglais

L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Waves MaxxBass
The Waves Ltd. Maxx Bass plug-in is a bass enhancer designed for uses of all types, including for film and post production. I’ve only used the plug-in for musical purposes however, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on here in this review. I believe you can purchase this one individually, but I got it along with the full collection of Waves plug-ins. I know it’s available in most of the major Waves plug-in bundles as well. Using the plug-in isn’t too difficult, although it’s not as simple as the Renaissance Bass plug-in which is basically a simpler version of this. For starters, you have control over the frequency you’d like to go up, as well as a built in dynamics processor with control for ratio and response. It then has a high pass for controlling the harmonics which also has a decay parameter. There are then sliders for controlling the level of the original bass, the input level, and the maxxbass level. The plug-in will show you when you’re clipping as well as the overall output level you’re sending. It definitely shares the same kind of user friendly interface you’re going to get with most of the Waves plug-ins, while still maintaining a great deal of control here. I have no need to look at the manual for this one, but check it out if you feel lost at all.


I’m running the Waves Ltd. Maxx Bass plug-in on my system at home but since I do a good amount of going back and forth between my home studio and the professional studio that I work at, I’ve used it on a few different systems. However, I’m mostly using it at home with Pro Tools 9 and a Mac Book Pro lap top that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. The plug-in doesn’t seem like it’s taking up much of my processing power, although I’ve never really had a need to run more than two or three instances at a time.


While I do find myself using the Waves Renaissance Bass plug-in quite a bit for it’s simplicity, if I’m looking to get a bit more in depth when it comes to bass enhancing, Maxx Bass is the place I will go to. As I stated earlier I’ve only used this for musically purposes for beefing up a bass guitar or kick drum, but I can definitely see how it would also be helpful in film as well. It certainly does as advertised as you can add a serious amount of bass to your sound pretty quickly and easily here. It’s not exactly like just boosting up the low frequencies in an equalizer as it’s more in depth than that and it shows in the sound. Definitely try out the demo for MaxxBass if you’re at all thinking about it as it’s well worth the time to potentially have a serious bass booster like this one…

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