Reason Studios Reason 1

Reason Studios Reason 1

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Reason 1, Séquenceur électro de la marque Reason Studios appartenant à la série Reason.

14 avis d'utilisateurs

Fiche technique Reason Studios Reason 1

  • Fabricant : Reason Studios
  • Modèle : Reason 1
  • Série : Reason
  • Catégorie : Séquenceurs électro
  • Fiche créée le : 01/04/2002

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Avis utilisateurs Reason Studios Reason 1

Note moyenne :4.6( 4.6/5 sur 14 avis )
 10 avis71 %
 3 avis21 %
 1 avis7 %
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L'avis de F-cat

Reason Studios Reason 1
Aucun problème au niveau de l'installation, compatibilité Win 98/2000/NT/XP et MAC.
Au niveau de la config audio/midi, y'a pas plus simple, il suffit de choisir son pilotes audio et hop ça marche. Cependant les choses se compliquent assez rapidement au niveau de la création, mais Heureusementil y a un trés bon manuel en francais au format PDF, (il vous en coutera quelque feuilles et un peu d'encre !!).


Je possède un P 42.4 gHz avec une carte mère gigabyte
RAM :756 Mo DDR
carte son :M-audio Delta 1010
Disque dur :80 gB UDMA 100
Le logiciel troune nikel et pendant logtemps (reccord perso 8h non-stop et pas un bug ).
Avant j'utilisais un P III 600 MHz et sa tournait pareil !!! Bon c'est sur le CPU soufflait et j'avais des problèmes avec l'automatisation des modules au fur et à meusure que le morceau avancais.
La stabilitée est exellente.


J'utilise Reason depuis plus d'1 an, je trouve q'après avoir pris connaissance de l'utilisation des modules et de toutes les fonctions du logiciel, (et c'est pas fini avec la version 2.0 et 2.5) celui-ci laisse libre à toutes les créations.
Avec un prix tous de même un peu élevé, je n'ai pas trouvé mieux comme logiciel séquenceur.
Je le racheterai c'est sur.

L'avis de Fredal

Reason Studios Reason 1


CM/ Asus cusl2
512 MO SDRAM 133Hz
1HDD IBM 40 Go DMA100
1HDD 20 Go Sauvegarde
1HDD 6 Go pour banque de son
Carte son wamirack 24
Carte graphique leadteck GForce 3 MX 64 Mo
Le logiciel fonctionne à la perfection 3 X La table de mix full Reason + effets sans pbl
Tres stable.


Tres bon rapport Q/P
contenu en anglais

L'avis de AlanForPresident (contenu en anglais)"loved it"

Reason Studios Reason 1
Propeller head reason was perfect for me when I was just starting out. I had no direction and didn’t know where to start when it came to software. When I first started using it I was in school and really couldn’t afford much but I saved up and purchased Reason 1.0 and I am so glad that I did. I still use it to this day (well not 1.0 I have upgraded) but reason 1.0 has taught me all of the basics in computer recorded, midi editing, using a mixer and effects and how to track out songs for further use in pro tools. All of my music career so far has branched out from Reason 1.0.


The performance of it is great and you couldn’t ask for much more I havent had a problem with it when I was using it and still don’t today with the most up to date version of reason. You can get all of the basics down pretty quick and if you really take the time and read the manual and watch some tutorials online you will be able to go to the next level as a reason user because there are so many things that you can do with Propeller head Reason. If you think you can master everything right off the bat and with out a manual you are crazy.


Take your time when you get this software, Reason 1.0 can be a bit overwhelming to the newbie. Study other peoples process when making music. Learn the ins and the outs of the program and learn how to create a full song in it and you will be amazed on the potential that it has. Its worth every single penny. I am not sure if you can still purchase 1.0 though? They have upgraded since then. You might want to look into that.
contenu en anglais
FP User01/11/2008

L'avis de FP User (contenu en anglais)

Reason Studios Reason 1
For a casual songwriter like myself, it doesn't make sense to spend $10K on a rack full of gear when Reason can duplicate it easily. Saves space and ugly wiring! Doesn't allow live recording which is a limitation for most songwriters. Reason detects audio clipping, but its sometimes difficult to find the culprit.

Price paid

$250.00 USD

Interface is easy if you've spent any time in a studio or with a computer sequencer. A stronger tutorial would be nice. There should really be a "live" tutorial of each instrument. Reason is like chess: easy to learn, more difficult to master.


Strong sounds, mostly techno style. Samples are good although many are simply variations on the same theme. Effects are good for a software program.

Reason is processor intensive. Using an iMac G4 Reason quit after adding 10-15 devices (mix of drums, samplers and effects). I exported several MIDI songs from Cakewalk 3.1 (yes 3.1!) and Reason imported them easily. No bugs, no crashes (yet). A very strong product.


The biggest investment is the computer you buy to use Reason (get the most processor you can afford). If Propellerheads continues to support their customers and add new devices (or at least new sounds) I will remain a customer for life!

Originally posted on
Posted by: bluezoo7 ( 3-, 2004)

News Reason Studios Reason 1

Mise à jour Reason

Mise à jour Reason

Publiée le 30/05/01
Propellerhead annonce une mise à jour de Reason, la version 1.01.

Reason 1.0

1 Publiée le 24/11/00

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