Mellisonic Polyphylla

Mellisonic Polyphylla

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Polyphylla, Synthé virtuel additif de la marque Mellisonic.

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Fiche technique Mellisonic Polyphylla

  • Fabricant : Mellisonic
  • Modèle : Polyphylla
  • Catégorie : Synthés virtuels additifs
  • Fiche créée le : 02/12/2015

Software Additive synthesizer for Ableton Live / Max for Live / MSP

create sounds that range from subtle and organic to dramatically abstract and wild

around 50 editable parameters

flexible 120-partial additive oscillator coupled to an analogue-style noise generator, each with its own multimode filter.

The oscillator offers three methods by which to generate and edit a base harmonic spectrum: simple analogue waveform emulation, knob-driven stochastic microtuning, and detailed graphical control of 32 partial groups. The noise generator, meanwhile, can be overdriven for extra grit.

Harmonic movement and dynamics are introduced to the signal using a powerful arsenal of fractal-inspired Motion processors. Level modulation of all partials together over time is drawn into the Motif Editor, while the Sweep, Attractor, Deform and Drift effects warp, bend and generally reshape them collectively and individually. Immediately informative real-time visual feedback on the partials and their playback is provided by the 2D Spectrum and 3D Motion Views.

modulation sources, including two envelopes, two LFOs, velocity and aftertouch, visibly assignable to most of Polyphylla’s parameters. Harmonizer, ring modulation, chorus and reverb effects are also on hand for polishing and mangling the final sound.


News Mellisonic Polyphylla

Mellisonic Polyphylla, synthé pour Max for Live

Mellisonic Polyphylla, synthé pour Max for Live

1 Publiée le 02/12/15
Mellisonic est une toute nouvelle société qui a développé un synthé additif logiciel pour Ableton Live, Max for Live/MSP.

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