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Zvork Oberon 2

Zvork Oberon 2

Synthé virtuel additif de la marque Zvork

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Zvork
  • Modèle : Oberon 2
  • Catégorie : Synthés virtuels additifs
  • Fiche créée le : 11/04/2017

2de génération du synthétiseur spectral additif au format Rack Extension pour Reason 9.2 et suivants

Multi-point loop-able envelopes

Each of Oberon's four envelopes are defined by a user editable curve, with up to 16 points. These envelopes are furthermore loop-able, with editable loop section and a tempo synchronization option.

Editable waves

There are two editable waves, or wave sequences, that the user can customize. For each of these wave sequences, two editable curves let you draw the shape of the start and end waveforms of the sequence. Modify theses wave shapes further with FM, phase distortion, clipping, ... 

Sample loading

Import any audio samples supported by Reason into one of the user waves. Use these analyzed samples as any built-in wave sequence.

Editable Filter response curves

In Oberon, the filters don't have predefined modes such as low pass, high pass or comb. Instead you define the filter response yourself, again with an editable curve. Each filter response can morph between two curves for even more dramatic and changing effects.

X-Morph between oscillators

This special feature lets you smoothly morph between two sound sources, potentially of different pitches and timbre. Morph between a pitch downed version of the same oscillator or between oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 for original transitions. The morphing effect can also be masked for certain portions of the spectrum if, for instance, you want to apply the character of one sound source solely to the high frequencies.

Unison and Octave virtual voices

To fatten your sounds, each oscillator can be virtually duplicated up to 8 times with a pitch detune. After that, if this isn't enough, another virtual copy of the resulting sound can be added to your final sound mix at an octave higher. As the term “virtual copy” coins, all this is extremely efficient on your CPU.

Timbre bend

If you are in need of metallic inharmonic sounds, this is the functionality you need. With it you can quickly bend your sound to mimic highly rigid strings, bells or quirky buzzes, in a predictable way.

Separate voice audio and gate outputs

On the back panel you will find 8 separate outputs for both stereo audio and CV gate, with complete PolyCV and PolyModular compatibility. Individual voices can be distributed among these outputs.


Oberon comes with over 450 patches in all categories.


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