Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

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Arousor rev2, Compresseur logiciel de la marque Empirical Labs.

Prix public US : $349 VAT
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Fiche technique Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

  • Fabricant : Empirical Labs
  • Modèle : Arousor rev2
  • Catégorie : Compresseurs logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 30/08/2017

2de génération de l'émulation de compresseur Arousor

 Empirical Labs Classic Knee Compression in a Plugin… Finally!

• Foolproof operation – It is almost impossible to get a bad sound.

• Empirical Labs Famous White Knobs, with parameter readout and direct entry.

• Proprietary Empirical Labs Detector modeling.  High resolution.

• Broadband Saturator, controllable by user.  A novel approach was used to allow amazing control over peaks.

• Unique AtMod™ Attack Modification Control.  Changes the shape of the initial attack, and can lengthen attack times in a different manner than the ATTACK control.

• HP Sidechain EQ

• BP Sidechain EQ

• Rivet, a brick wall ratio great on room mics, and for skimming peaks.

• Linkable with the stereo version.

• BLEND Control – Mix in the dry signal with the compressed one.

• Mix “Dry  Level” control. Adjust this control so that full WET and full DRY have the same apparent level.

• 20 Lock n Load Presets, finely tuned and named intuitively.  More coming down the line.

• Backwards compatible features coming.

32/64-bit AAX (OSX and Windows)

64-bit VST2 (OSX and Windows)

64-bit VST3 (OSX and Windows)

64-bit AU (OSX)

AAX system minimum requirements are Pro Tools 10.3.5 and OSX 10.7 or higher; Windows 7 or higher.


NEW in REV 2 :

AAX-DSP for the MAC.  Windows version to follow shortly, pending copy protection repair.

• Much greater efficiency, especially in Pro Tools AAX. 1/3rd of the CPU usage.

• Greatly increased Bargraph accuracy.  You will find it makes matching a Distressor sound much easier.

• Preset Sharing Function - Works across all platforms and makes it easy to share, even with emails.

• Graphic and Interface Improvements - New colors, and 3d Depth

• Our first "Expert Panel" Button appears for the BLEND Section.

• New Presets from Famous Engineers

• Refined markings for matching Distressor Detector settings.  New Mark on Det HP Freq, Det BP Gain

• Higher resolution readout on Det BP BW.  Reads to .01 places.

• Better support for Control Surfaces, including the older Avid D-Command

Distribué par Floating Point Audio


News Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

L’Arousor d’Empirical Labs en promo chez Avid

L’Arousor d’Empirical Labs en promo chez Avid

Publiée le 26/02/19
Avid offre pendant une période limitée $70 de réduction sur le compresseur logiciel Arousor d’Empirical Labs.

Images Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

  • Empirical Labs Arousor rev2
  • Empirical Labs Arousor rev2
  • Empirical Labs Arousor rev2
  • Empirical Labs Arousor rev2

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