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Grp Synthesizer A8

Grp Synthesizer A8

Synthétiseur analogique en rack de la marque Grp Synthesizer .

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Grp Synthesizer
  • Modèle : A8
  • Catégorie : Synthétiseurs analogiques en rack
  • Fiche créée le : 16/09/2010

 • 6 Analog VCOs with 3 FM sources, 2 PWM sources, Tune, Fine Tune, Octave, Hard Sync, Sub Oct -1/-2, Waveform Select (sine, triangle, triangle + saw, saw, square w. variable width, square + saw)
• 2 Ring Modulators
• 1 Noise Generator (white, pink, low freq)
• 2 analog VCF Transistor Ladder 24dB/Oct LowPass, with Cutoff Freq (20-20.000 Hz), Resonance (from 0 to self oscillation)
• 2 analog VCF State Variable Filter 12 dB/Oct with indipendent controls for Cutoff Freq (20-20.000 Hz), Resonance (from 0 to self oscillation), four filter modes (12 dB lowpass, 12 dB high pass, 6dB band pass, 6 dB band reject)
• 2 Fixed Filter Banks with 14 band: 12 band pass 12dB/Oct (125, 175, 250, 350, 500, 700, 1.000, 1.400, 2.000, 2.800. 4.000, 5.600 Hz), 1 low pass 24dB/Oct @ 88 Hz, 1 high pass 24 dB/Oct @ 7.000 Hz.
• 24 analog VCAs on signal path (much more on modulation routings), dynamic range better than 84 dB
• 3 Audio Mixers (2 for Upper & Lower sound sources, 1 for Upper + Lower signal paths)
• 1 Auto Pan Module
• 4 Six Stages Envelope Generators DAHDSR (from 1msec to 15sec) on VCFs and VCLFOs
• 3 Four Stages Envelope Generators ADSR (same range as above) on VCAs and Auxiliary
• 2 VCLFO with frequency range 45 sec -1.700Hz, multi wave (sine, triangle, positive ramp, negative ramp, square w. variable width), offset full positive on output
• 1 aux performance LFO with frequency range 10 sec  - 2.700 Hz, shape variable (ramp-triangle-saw/pulse 01%-square-pulse 99%), LFO amplitude under control of modulation wheel or channel aftertouch
• 1 Sample & Hold with sync capabilities on Envelope Generators
• 1 Step Sequencer (1x16 or 2x8 mode) available for VCOs freq, VCOs PWM, VCFs Freq, EGs gate; internal clock or MIDI clock w. divider/multiplier or analog external clock w. divider/multiplier; several running modes (forward, backward, fw-bw, pendulum, gate, repeat step w. different combinations and repetitions number, one shot/loop); all main functions under external cv/gate control; each step gate can be routed to Upper or Lower path control; each column can have different lenght
• 2 Portamento Controls for Upper and Lower signal path
• 1 A-440 Hz reference tone generator, w. quartz accuracy
• Two huge VuMeters for Left - Right audio level reading
• MIDI Interface w. 12bit D/A for the following messages: note on/off, initial key velocity, channel aftertouch, pitch bend, modulation wheel, sustain pedal, volume.
• The instrument architecture can be configured in Upper/Lower mode (two indipendent signal path, with different sounds) or Mono combination, with the whole control panel on a unique big patch. MIDI In data can be routed for Mono, Dual or Poly mode (all 6 VCOs under the same MIDI channel; separate Upper & Lower MIDI Channel for monophonic operation; biphonic operation under the same MIDI Channel)
• The instrument can be controlled simoultaneously with MIDI In and CV/Gate In or with indipendent routing for MIDI (Upper or Lower) and CV/Gate (Upper or Lower); same as above for the internal Step Sequencer.
• Separate Audio Outputs for Upper Channel, Lower Channel, Upper+Lower Channel; each channel has full stereo output Left-Rigth
All specifications subject to change.


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