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Shear Electronics Relic-6

Shear Electronics Relic-6

Synthétiseur analogique en rack de la marque Shear Electronics

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Shear Electronics
  • Modèle : Relic-6
  • Catégorie : Synthétiseurs analogiques en rack
  • Fiche créée le : 24/01/2017

Synthétiseur analogique polyphonique basé sur l'Oberheim OB-X

  • 6-voice all-analogue synth with two VCOs and an Oberheim-style 12db 2-pole lowpass filter. The knobs are touch-sensitive and you'll note the wooden end cheeks and aluminium case.
  • 36  Resistors, 12  Transistors, 4 Capacitors and 1 Diode In each oscillator.
  •  voltage-controlled lowpass filter with 12dB/octave curve, faithful Texas Instruments clone of the notoriously gritty RCA 3080 chip
  • two discrete VCAs for each voice, the stereo field is flexible, powerful, and programmable.
  • Recreation of the Curtis Electromusic CEM3310 Envelope Generator  with its distinctive curves with a 40 kHz output rate at 14-bit resolution, fatness’ parameter lets you dial up the vintage looseness when you want it, or stick with timing accuracy when you need it
  • 12-inch colored bar shines through the black-glass panel to reveal the current setting with more precision and smoothness than analog dials could dream of. 
  • And every dial is endless, so settings never jump. Our high-resolution encoders are manufactured by Alps in Japan. They feel as smooth as old-school potentiometers felt when they were brand new.
  • classic wood side panels

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