AIR Music Technology Loom II

AIR Music Technology Loom II

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Loom II, Synthé virtuel additif de la marque AIR Music Technology.

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Fiche technique AIR Music Technology Loom II

  • Fabricant : AIR Music Technology
  • Modèle : Loom II
  • Catégorie : Synthés virtuels additifs
  • Fiche créée le : 12/10/2017

2de génération du synthétiseur additif virtuel pour Mac OS X et Windows, lancé en 2017

New for LOOM II:

  • Loom II has been expanded to 8 voices by popular request!
  • Spectral Noise section allowing a secondary oscillator to replace or enrich the additive spectrum (created with the Sine Oscillator) with a noise spectrum. This is truly revolutionary in the additive world. Your creativity is the only limit to what is possible!
  • 4 new modules (See module section)
  • 2 additional Subharmonic Optional Partials bellow the normal spectrum.
  • Enhanced Morph Pad options.
  • 500 all-new patches covering a wide range of sounds designed by acclaimed sound designers Richard Devine and Mark Ovenden.
  • All original 350 patches re-mastered taking advantage of the new features.
  • New Wave Parameter options
  • 20+ other performance enhancements.

Mix & Match Modules

Loom II delivers up to 512 harmonic partials per patch and uses an intuitive modular design to create complex sounds quickly and easily. Each of the 34 editable modules performs a specific sonic task—Octaver, Second Tone, Moving Filter, Noise, Linear Lowpass, Modulator, etc. The Loom II framework provides a series of cells, where up to 10 of these modules can interact combine to generate an additive synthesis patch. Each module includes task-specific parameters for detailed, individual control of the patch. For real-time visual feedback of your sound, each module includes a spectrum window, offering a visual indication of how that module is affecting the individual harmonics of the sound.

In Loom II we have added four new powerful modules:

  • 5-Sines – An easy-to-use module enabling you to produce a range of organ or sine style sounds.
  • Discrete Adder – Similar to Loom 1’s popular adder, but adding a discrete spectrum ideal for creating percussion-based synth instruments.
  • Hype – adding Hi and Low Hype with dedicated easy-to-use controls for instant results.
  • Double Wave – for our more advanced users: Use dual waves to create complex synth patterns. We have also added a dedicated control for this in the Morph pad.

Make Your Music Move

Loom II’s Morph Pad is a powerful tool that adds dynamics and movement to your patches. Using a condensed set of control knobs, Loom II enables you to quickly create up to four variations of your sound, and assign each one to different quadrant of the Morph Pad. Point, click, and drag anywhere on the Morph Pad to create a morph path. As the sound moves along this patch, you will hear it morph in real time between your four variations. This morphing can be free-form, or set to sync up to a particular musical unit—1 bar, 4 bars, etc. Plus, each segment of the morph path can be synced individually.   In Loom II, we have expanded our highly-acclaimed morph pad by allowing Points/Paths to be stored and restored separately.  We have also added a new X-Axis mode enabling it to perform like an envelope, which is ideal for rhythmical morph patterns.  For this new mode Snap/Grid is also available.  Additionally, for expanded creativity you can now use parameters not linked to the Morph.

Stunning Sound Design

Loom II comes packed with sounds. Acclaimed sound designers Richard Devine and Mark Ovenden have created 850+ professional, tweakable patches that include wobbles, pads, bass, soundscapes, and more.  500 all-new presets for LOOM II and 350 re-mastered presets from LOOM I.  You can tweak, analyze, and customize their sounds to make them your own, or dig deep and begin creating your own additive sounds from scratch. For sonic inspiration, Loom II’s Smart Sound Randomizer instantly generates new parameters—or a new mix of modules—to jump-start your sound design sessions. All parameters can be mapped for MIDI control.  Additional preset packs are available free of charge and for purchase from 3rd-party partners to provide additional creativity.

More than Modules

Each Loom II patch begins with editable Spectral Distortion and Spectral Modulation controls that influence the overall sound. Three LFOs provide tempo syncable modulation sources that any module can access. Four velocity-sensitive Envelope Generators add an extra layer of control that can change and evolve over time. Octave control, global pitch, glide time, and other patch-specific controls offer additional tools for your custom sound-shaping experience.

Expressive Effects

On-board effects add extra expression to your customized additive sound creations. Using the drive or distortion on an additive sound can produce an aggressive edge or introduce rich harmonic changes. Modulation effects include a chorus and a phaser. Each adds remarkable depth and motion to your sound. Loom II also includes a reverb effect to help your sound sit in the mix, or to create an expansive audio environment.


Lok License Manager required for supported computer or iLok (gen 2/3) hardware key authorization.


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L'avis de TOTI-Project"LOOM II - Le meilleur de la synthése additive"

AIR Music Technology Loom II
Config MAC et PC similaire - 32 go Ram - Scarlett 18i20 - ABLETON LIVE 10 et BITWIG 2.4

PROTECTION web accés trés simple

Gourmand en ressources uniquement sur certains presets ( 5% environ ) sur les plusieurs milliers de presets fournis réellement jouables et pertinents des classiques sons des synthés analogiques aux sons les plus expérimentaux avec un plus pour ce qui est percussif et naturel...

Le son est plus que fantastique ( précis, puissant et extrêmement diversifié )

Une fonction randomisation utile mais dont j’aurai aimé avoir plus de contrôle, par pourcentage par exemple...

Pour moi c'est BEST absolu pour la création, le jeu, et le sound-design réuni.

Il devrait être dans tous les TOP 10 des synthés virtuels...

News AIR Music Technology Loom II

M-Audio et Avid renouent les liens

M-Audio et Avid renouent les liens

10 Publiée le 05/02/18
M-Audio et Avid viennent d’annoncer un partenariat matériel/logiciel, après qu’Avid a revendu M-Audio à InMusic en 2012.

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