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Massey Plugins CT4 Compressor

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  • moosersmoosers

    Massey Plugins CT4 CompressorPublié le 27/07/09 à 00:18
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    The Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor was a quick install after downloading it from the Massey website.  While I don't yet own this plug-in, there is a fully functional demo available on their website that works great.  The only limitations are that you won't be able to save your settings and each time you reopen your sequencer the parameters will result to default.  You also can't bypass your signal.  While these are annoying, you can still use the plug-ins fully and even print mixes with them.  I usually just write down my parameter settings, although sometimes I do forget that it needs to be reset.  The interface of the plug-in is extremely easy to understand and the using the plug-in is pretty fool proof.  It has knobs for compression and make up and then has switches to set the attack and release.  It also has an LED like meter and a VU meter that both come in handy.  I haven't seen the manual for the Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor, but it is so easy to use and one isn't necessary.


    The Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor doesn't take up much processing power at all and because of this I am pretty much able to have as many of these going at once as I'd like.  I probably could have one on every track if I desired, although this depends a lot on what type of system you are using.  I am currently running the Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM.  I run the plug-in in Pro Tools LE 7.4 and use a Digi 002R audio interface.  I have also used this plug-in on a few different Pro Tools HD systems with great results.  I've been using the Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor for between two and three years and I find myself liking it more and more every time that I use it.


    The sound quality of the Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor is pretty outstanding as well as versatile.  I use it on everything from vocals to electric and acoustic guitars.  I also use it on bass guitar sometimes and often on drums.  One of the best parts about this plug-in is that it is incredibly easy to use and it is quite easy to get a good sound from it.  Simply turn up the compression a bit and make up it with the gain.  I generally keep both the attack and release on fast, but it really depends on what I am compressing.  While all of these things are great, the best part about the Massey Plug-ins CT4 Compressor is that it has a great free demo and to buy it is still only $69 USD!  If you have a digital audio workspace or studio of any sort, do yourself a favor and at least download the free just about fully functional demo available on Massey's website!
  • moosehermanmooseherman

    Compresseur solides Plug-In

    Massey Plugins CT4 CompressorPublié le 15/12/10 à 21:00
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    This is a compressor plugin made by Massey based on a hardware compressor. I haven't had any issues of compatibility with this plug-in at all. The setup of the plug-in was easy and I was using the plug-in pretty soon after I got it. I started with the demo version which was free and works fine, the only problem being that I couldn't save settings or use automation. The full version included all these once I upgraded. I didn't need a manual at all while using this as it's a really simple plug-in, I would only consult that if I ran into an issue with installation which I didn't.


    I have yet to run into an issue with this plug-in's performance. It's really easy to use as there's only a few functions that are accessible. There is a knob for compression (which, according the website and confirmed by my use, acts as a combination of a threshold and ration knob), one for make-up (which is like output gain), and switches for fast/slow attack and fast/slow release. This makes it easy to use, though not the most functional compressor out there.


    While this doesn't have the most flexibility, this compressor is a really good one a lot of instruments. It tends to keep the sounds uniformly great, which is a testament to its quality. I find that with some compressors there are a lot of options and thus you can get some really bad sounds if you don't know what you're doing. This one doesn't give you that much freedom! It basically makes it easy for you to find the sweet spot.
    It's very good at preserving the tone of the track you used while tightening up the dynamics of the track. Sometimes this is exactly what you need especially if you are in love with the tone you have while tracking. I like this probably the most about it.
    I'd say that there's no reason you shouldn't download the free demo, as you can use it pretty well. Be warned though, that eventually you'll probably just go ahead and buy the plug-in so that you can save the settings!