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Oktava ML-52

Oktava ML-52

Microphone à ruban de la marque Oktava

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent

Oktava ML-52Publié le 29/04/09 à 19:49
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Oktava ML-52 is a ribbon microphone designed for use in the recording studio. I have only used the Oktava ML-52 in the studio and I wouldn't recommend using it outside the studio in any capacity. Since it is a ribbon microphone it is somewhat fragile and not meant for live shows or other uses outside the studio. It has a standard XLR connection and has a unique look to it that isn't found on too many other mics.


I've been using the Oktava ML-52 for about two years and I have found it to be a great sounding ribbon microphone for the price. I have used the Oktava ML-52 to record a variety of different instruments, and while it sounds better in some applications over others, it is a great overall ribbon microphone and suitable for recording just about anything. My favorite things to record with the Oktava ML-52 are male and female vocals (including lead and back up), electric guitar, and for recording a bass guitar cabinet. While these are the applications that I have found work best in my situation, I would encourage users to try recording whatever they'd like with microphone and see what will work best for them. There are a lot of cheap ribbon microphones being made these days, but the Oktava ML-52 holds its own and is one of the better made ribbon mics out there for the price. It also has a great look and design to it that is reminiscent of older microphones to give it that vintage look in addition to its vintage sound. Oktava makes some good mics at an ever better price, and I have come to trust their products. Overall, the Oktava ML-52 is a great ribbon microphone for the home studio owner looking to get a ribbon microphone that they can afford and that still sound great.

Fantastique micro à ruban

Oktava ML-52Publié le 20/09/10 à 02:56
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
This is a ribbon microphone, designed for studio use, and only studio use. It's so fragile that it should only be touched, let alone handled, when necessary. This is made by Oktava, Russia's leading microphone manufacturer for some time. While it might not be the same as a Neumann or other leading microphones from other companies, it's certainly still a great company in it's own right. Obviously, avoid phantom power or you will destroy the microphone (ribbons can't handle phantom power at all, even for a second).


This microphone has a phenomenally warm sound, in addition to having a ton of detail. Thus it has a variety of uses. It's going to sound great on almost anything that it can handle (anything that isn't too loud like a snare, or a close mic'd guitar cabinet. I personally like using it on strings, especially if I can do a stereo pair of them (a rare treat). Acoustic guitars sound nice and warm too, as do vocals and drum overheads. I think for vocals, it tends to sound better on good singers, or singers who have powerful, dynamic voices. This way the warmth helps round off some of the higher, potentially more abrasive frequencies. A weaker or softer singer probably needs a condenser or tube mic to really pick up all the subtleties of their voice, so I wouldn't use this on them. That's just me, though.
All of these uses will help give you a warm sound that reminds me personally of Motown, Stax and other old vintage-styled sounds. That is the appeal of this microphone. If you're looking for more brightness and clarity you'd be better off with a condenser or tube mic. This is not the same. I highly recommend trying to get one of these, they go for 500 new but you can find used ones for cheaper. It's a pretty great piece of gear.

son clair

Oktava ML-52Publié le 25/10/11 à 07:21
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Oktava ML-52 is a great mic to add to your cabinet, for not a lot of money. Have I found it great on everything? No. However, on some sources it has been perfect. I used a Neumann TLM-103 on a bassier male vocalist and it sounded absolutely terrible, but with the Oktava ML-52 the vocals were perfect with some eq added. Easily the best sounding vocals I have ever recorded. I don't love it on guitar amps like some have said, but for certain voices it is really, really great. I especially like it with the built in eq boost turned on. On hi hats it had a cool sound, not crisp and detailed, but a little rawer, more vintage sound that with the right eq was pretty cool. Make sure and have a preamp with a good amount of gain, 60 db seems the minimum for quieter singers. I feel it is a must have for anyone interested in having more than one good mic, and at the price it makes expanding your mic collection with good mics that will last a long time, a real possibility.


For home recording., this is the mic you need. Eliminates all background noise and electronic interference. Ideal for deeper voices and spoken word/ hip-hop, but also just a great all-around vocal mic you need not worry about isolating. If I must complain about something, it's that the bracket is very difficult to switch from it's shipped boom-stand position to floor stand, but I'm over it. For the price you really cant beat it, with everything you get with this mic. The overall great sound, crisp hi’s and not over exaggerated lows. The price with this mic had me on the fence with it but after hearing it it’s a no brainer. Look around online and see if you can come across a cheap one.

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  • Fabricant : Oktava
  • Modèle : ML-52
  • Catégorie : Microphones à ruban
  • Fiche créée le : 25/05/2006

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