Celemony Melodyne Cre8

Celemony Melodyne Cre8

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Melodyne Cre8, Autre séquenceur Logiciel de la marque Celemony appartenant à la série Melodyne.

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  • Fabricant : Celemony
  • Modèle : Melodyne Cre8
  • Série : Melodyne
  • Catégorie : Autres séquenceurs Logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 07/06/2006

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Avis utilisateurs Celemony Melodyne Cre8

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L'avis de phraseland (contenu en anglais)

Celemony Melodyne Cre8
I bought the software - installed it - it worked. Of course, as always, go on the website of the manufacturer and get the latest driver...and make sure your operating system is up-to-date. I hate that we have to do this - but on the other hand whining about it doesn't help either. That aside - the installation was no problem.
In the beginning I had problems with the Melodyne Bridge Plug-In. I think I will have to update to the newest version anyway - now that DNA is around the corner. What was really annoying is that at times Cubase just didn't make the connection with Melodyne. Restarting didn't work and sometimes the only way to get it back was to make a new project.
It seems that has been worked on as I really didn't have this problem anymore lately.


I use a PC (older built) with Cubase and a MOTU 2408. Even though the MOTU does relieve the processor quite a bit I can see how I need to upgrade my PC soon...and don't tell me about Mac. Yeah, yeah, they're great. But for this I need a tool and not a fashion item... :-) just kidding!
As I mentioned the Plug-In didn't always work. That aside I sometimes had some grafic delays - but nothing too terrible. I am pretty sure that Melodyne DNA will only really work well with computers of the newest generation (QuadCore). The video on their site is cute and all but we will see how it handles in real life.


I have used Cre8 now for about two years and have really started to like its possibilities. It is not simply an intonation tool - it really is almost like an instrument. And it really only truly sounds great when you learn how to 'play' it. You can adjust so many details and it takes some skill to be able to choose which parameters to change and which to leave alone. Really with any intonation software it can be said: if it ain't broke don't fix it.
I think the price is very fair as they truly care about their product and have put a lot of research in this software. It truly is still one of a kind - even though there are plenty of other products on the market right now. (see also the test on audiofanzine https://plugin-pitch-shifter-time-stretcher.en.audiofanzine.com/instruction/index%2Cidossier%2C10%2Cmao%2Ctime_stretching__pitch_shifting_comparison_part_i.html

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