Audix F2

Audix F2

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F2, Microphone dynamique de la marque Audix.

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Fiche technique Audix F2

  • Fabricant : Audix
  • Modèle : F2
  • Catégorie : Microphones dynamiques
  • Fiche créée le : 14/10/2010

Micro Dynamique pour Caisse claire, Tom, Amplis

SÉRIE FUSION Microphone Dynamique pour Tom basse ,Toms , Caisse Claire, Percussions, Amplis Guitare/basse, Cuivre.

Applications * Studio et Scène

Spécifications                           F2

Directivité                                Hypercardio

Réponse en fréquence              52Hz-15KHz

Intérrupteur                             Non

Impédance                              580 Ohms

Sensibilité                                2mV / Pa @ 1kHz

Rejection Off-Axis

Max SPL                                  139dB

Distribué par Arbiter France


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Avis utilisateurs Audix F2

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L'avis de Anonyme (contenu en anglais)

Audix F2
The Audix f2 is a very unique microphone. For more reasons than any other, the advertising for the Audix f2 is honestly what makes it more and more unique. Aside that point, however, Audix touts the f2 as a perfect microphone for pretty much anything percussive. "Got Toms? You Need f2."

The Audix f2 is a dynamic microphone that has been tailored to capture the punch of tom drums, but Audix says it can do congas, brass, sax, guitar, bass cabinets, and other things as well. "The spikier the better!" The Audix f2 has a hypercardioid polar pickup pattern for the sake of isolation and less drum kit bleed. The polar pattern also offers great feedback control, and it has the low mass diaphragm that Audix is always very proud of. The Audix f2 has a frequency response from 52 Hz up to 15,000 Hz, and is rather rugged, weighing in at half a pound and coming in at just over 4 inches. It is also capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 139 dB.


Audix's advertising of this microphone as having that explosive sound is a great way for anyone to get an idea of this microphone. Usually, sensation advertisement should be taken with quite a bit of salt, but in the case of the Audix f2, everything that Audix says is true. The frequency response of this microphone is extremely specially spiky, and as such, the microphone is only good for one thing: punchiness. Because it very thunderous, it seems to lose a bit in other qualities, so this Audix f2 is a kind of microphone that should only be purchased if people know exactly what they want and whether the Audix f2 will fulfill that need perfectly.

It isn't a great microphone for much, but for what it is great for, it excels!

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