Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer
Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer

RX7 Recoil Stabilizer, Accessoire pour enceintes de monitoring de la marque Primacoustic.

contenu en anglais
moosers 19/10/2010

Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizers are isolation pads for your studio monitors. These are definitely the best isolation pads out there that I've used before, as there's really nothing like them. I don't own these pads at home, but I've worked as an assistant at the studio that I work at with an engineer who always brings these in. He swears by these pads and says that they are the single product that you can use to boost your studio up a few notches. In the age of home studios, something like this has never been more important, as many home studio owners are working in environments that aren't properly treated. Even when you are in a situation where you're working in a properly treated room, these can work wonders. I've heard a few different sets of monitors on these, including ProAc Studio 100's for the most part. These are similar in concept to the Auralex MoPads, but the execution on these is better as they're more sturdy and provide more treatment. I have the Auralex MoPads at home, and even though I like them a lot, these are way more adequate. Of course with this comes a bigger price tag, but when you consider what you're getting with the RX7 Recoil Stabilizers and the job that they will do for you, the price really isn't outlandish at all. In fact, this is one of the best ways you treat your home or professional studio, and at a very little cost relatively. The pads come in a few different sizes and in both a flat and angled version, so depending on what monitors you're looking to use these for it, they should have one that fits all different sizes of monitors. If you're looking for the ultimate treatment for your studio monitors, look no further than the Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizers.