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James... 26/02/2012

Roger Linn Design LinnDrum : l'avis de James... (contenu en anglais)

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The linndrum is the second model made by Linn. The LM-1 is a real collectors item, but this Linndrum has got more features. The sounds are interchangable and it has cymbal sounds, unlike the LM-1. A real pity is the fact that it is hard to sync to midi. There has been a midi-kit for it, but don't know if still available.


My Linndrum has got all the original factory sounds on board, unlike many other Linndrums I've come across, which had sounds put in by their last owner. Somehow people don't keep the original sound chips with the machine. Well, Linn products have a good name for being very user friendly and so is the Linndrum. Creating paterns, putting them together in Songmode, it's just so straight forward. Everything else on the machine is just very hands on. For every sound and volume slider and panning switch. Some sounds have tuning. Snare/Sidestick, all toms and congas. The hi hat has a decay knob. Unfortunalety I haven't got the original manual. Another thing people tend to keep when selling the machine.


The sound is where it's at. It doesn't sound like techno lovers would like a vintage drum machine to sound like, as the sounds are digitally recorded (sampled). It sounds really, really fat and has that charactaristic 80's drumsound. The sounds are not velocity sensitive.


A rare, classic machine with very cool features and a lot of fun to use. I love all 80's made stuff and besides the Linndrum I have a Simmons SDS-7, TX-7, Prophet-600 and MSQ0700 sequencer. I bought it because of nostalgic reasons and because it's a beautiful looking thing. It sound awsome and have used it several times as the main drum source for recordings. They are hard to get a hold of but well worth it if you can find one.