Dunlop Tempered Glass Heavy Wall
Dunlop Tempered Glass Heavy Wall

Tempered Glass Heavy Wall, Bottleneck de la marque Dunlop.

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MountAnDewMe 07/08/2012

Dunlop Tempered Glass Heavy Wall : l'avis de MountAnDewMe (contenu en anglais)

« My first slide. »

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Let me state one thing off the bat, I never play much slide guitar. I find it a great tool to have in your bag of tricks but I never used it enough to consider it more than fun. This was my first slide. It was the most readily available slide and when I showed interest in playing a little slide guitar my instructor sold me this one and said you can not go wrong with it. He was right.

The sound from this glass slide was very appreciable. It had a warm nature to it with a bit of bite on the top side. I however did find it got very uncomfortable fast as I sweat more than a bit. It never really felt right on my finger. At the time I had only two guitars and neither were really suited for slide playing but this slide found its way into a bit of my writing at the time and I was pleased with it.

Unfortunately these do break rather easily being they are made of glass. I should have not stored it on top of my full stack because when it fell it shattered. I should have replaced it with another one but being an experimenter I chose to try a metal slide. The glass slide proved to be a better match to what I was looking for tone and feel wise and was soon replaced after the metal experiment.

If you are looking for that classic slide sound this is where you will find it. Glass has a warm but well defined sound with just enough brightness to have it cut through. I found that a touch of powder solved my slippery sweat problem I experienced with the glass material. Just be sure to take care in its storage because they are fragile and do break easily. Over the years I have found slides of other materials and no longer use either type of slide but the glass variety was my second favorite sound as far as slides go.