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Boomerang E-155 Chorus & Delay
Boomerang E-155 Chorus & Delay
tjon901 tjon901

« Fancy delay and chorus pedal »

Publié le 08/06/11 à 16:33
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Boomerang is a Texas boutique effects company. They have a really fancy pedal out called the E-155. The E-155 is a delay and chorus pedal. The E-155 features 3 types of chorus effects Classic, Shimmer and Lush. It has 3 types of delay effect also. The delay effects are clean, tape and reverse. The delay and chorus sections of the pedal each have 3 knobs and one button. The chorus section has a knob for speed depth and mix, with a button that selects classic, shimmer and lush. The delay section has knobs for time, repeats, and level with a button that selects clean, tape and reverse. Each section has an off and off foot button and the delay has a tap tempo button. The preset section lets you flip through 11 presets with one foot button and select the preset with another foot button. The pedal has memory to store 11 of your presets. If has an input for an expression pedal that lets you control the overall effect of your setting. You can smoothly morph between two different sounds and when you turn off an effect it fades away naturally. It has dual inputs and outputs.


The pedal looks complicated at first but if you just divide it into 2 separate pedals it is pretty easy. The pedal is large and fairly heavy. It is made out of steel and has to be large to house this many components. The foot buttons are very different they are made out of a material that gets good traction with your shoe. I do not know how durable the buttons are. The writing is kind of small and if you are standing up in a dark room you may not be able to read anything. The preset selector is well lighted and the way the numbers are oriented you can easily tell what preset you are on even if you cannot see the numbers.


The pedal comes from the factory with some factory stored presets. These presets replicate classic delay and chorus sounds from classic delay and chorus pedals. You will immediately notice one thing. The chorus effects are much better than the delay effects. The chorus effects actually sound special on this pedal whereas the delay effects sound just like normal delay effects. Clean delay gives you an exact replication of your sound while tape will give you a tape delay style replication of your sound. Reverse gives you that crazy reverse delay sound.


This pedal is pretty expensive but when you remember that it can be your delay and chorus pedal it does not seem so expensive. Plus it can save presets. The E-155 can give you a new look to your sound. Its effects in the chorus and delay area are diverse and of great quality. With a pedal like this you are instantly ready for your jazz gig.