Yamaha PSR-150
Yamaha PSR-150

PSR-150, Clavier arrangeur de la marque Yamaha appartenant à la série PSR.

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stompboxjon 21/05/2012

Yamaha PSR-150 : l'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)

« It was very popular »

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The Yamaha PSR150 is a very classic style digital piano that was very popular many years ago. I remember owning several versions of the PSR line of keyboards. This was one of the first digital pianos that I actually started playing on. The PSR 150 can be purchased today online for very cheap and it’s a very good digital piano for your to get that will get you started playing, or maybe a good one for you too teach your kids on. It was a pretty high class board back in its day, so you can get it today and it will still be a high class board to play around with and learn.


Extremely easy to understand, you can almost figure it out just by looking at it without even touching it. Most of the PSR boards are like that. All of the buttons seem to hold up too, even after many years of wear and tear the buttons for the menu’s and sounds seem to still be in pretty good shape. The keys are also very sterdy and wont stick or fail on you. Yamaha has provided a board that was high quality, and it still is to this day. I love the PSR line.


Overall, I would purchase this over and over if I needed to. Its always good to keep a PSR keyboard on hand and the 150 was a very popular one when it first came out. It was affordable for home piano players to skip out on buying a real piano. The fact that it is really portable is a plus, you can take it with you anywhere and you don’t even need a case for it because its not that heavy and its pretty darn strong and can take a few bumps and bangs from each place you move it.