M-Audio Oxygen 8
M-Audio Oxygen 8

Oxygen 8, Clavier maître MIDI 25 touches de la marque M-Audio appartenant à la série Oxygen.

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sacchetta 02/10/2014

M-Audio Oxygen 8 : l'avis de sacchetta (contenu en anglais)

« A great compact MIDI keyboard to lug arond »

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I actually got this as part of a college program and used it everyday. I know it's plastic, but this thing is durable. The Oxygen 8 V2 is perfect for somebody that wants to make MIDI music on the go. Bring it to your favourite jam space just incase, it will fit easily on almost any desktop, use it to control your DAW or even hook it up to a synth and play on.

-25 velocity sensitive keys
-Pitch bend and modulation wheel
-8 MIDI control knobs
-6 MIDI transport buttons
-5 MIDI function buttons
-Octave up/down or transpose up/down button
-3 digit LED screen
-MIDI output
-Optional DC power jack
-Sustain pedal jack
-On/off switch
-Kensington lock hole
-Ableton Live Lite 4 included


The set up for general use was very simple. On my mac I didn't have to install any drivers and I was able to use keys, pitch bend and the octave problem with no problems. Getting it to work with your DAW is another issue. Now I'll be honest, I didn't know much about MIDI keyboard/controllers when I first tried to get it to work. And I may have gotten frustrated and learned to live without the knob control feature. I found that I really didn't use synths in a way that required me to have the midi control so it was no problem to not have. Lets also note that the MIDI knobs are not infinity (you they have a limit to how far they can be turned either way. This means that when you try to adjust one of your on screen settings using the knob, it will automatically snap to where the physical knob is. This is a pain when you can't remember what exact setting you had had on before. When you adjust on screen it will change the value, however once you touch the physical knob again it will snap to wherever the knob is pointed.

I don't remember much about the manual. And unfortunately it's currently unavailable on the m-audio website. It is very similar to other competing MIDI keyboards so if you are familiar with those you won't have a problem. If you are still unsure there are plenty of videos on youtube to help you out!

The buttons are moderately easy to use. There are enough buttons to preform certain functions (sometimes you get units with lots of dual use buttons and things can become a pain when you have to a lot of adjustments). The layout of the keyboard is well thought out. The double stacked midi knobs definitely save some space compared to having them all in one row.


What I liked the most was the compact design. Granted, things have gotten smaller since the release. But at the time this was a lot more compact than others. I'll confess that I have accidentally dropped it once or twice, but the unit was fine with no noticeable marks. Unless it was a fluke this thing is not going to fall apart on you.

I can't really comment on MSRP because mine was included in a college program. However I've seen used ones online for around $80 and refurbished price of $85. At those prices the M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 is an excellent choice.

The 25 keys were sensitive to pick up a fine touch and will not buckle if you hammer them. The key response was alright, without weighted keys what can we expect right? It would be nice if the keys were slightly lower to the surface it is sitting on.

This was my first model and was my only choice. I later moved onto a Novation Nocturne 49 but still keep my Oxygen 8 V2 in my work studio. It's one of those pieces of gear that I couldn't bring myself to sell. And it's good that I didn't sell because I end up using it all the time.

-LED Display
-Pitch bend and modulation wheels

-Keys aren't solid
-Knobs aren't infinity
-No beat pads
-The colour shows marks easily (something darker would be better)
-No DC adapter included