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Ibanez ADL Delay
Ibanez ADL Delay

Delay / écho pour guitare de la marque Ibanez appartenant à la série L

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Steveguitarist Steveguitarist
Publié le 16/07/08 à 01:51
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Picked this up on EBAY for $60. I wanted an AD9 but their going for $150+. I read this article:
Ibanez ADL Analog Delay
The Ibanez ADL Analog Delay from the 'Master Series' (also known as the 10 Series and L-Series) was the analog delay designed by Ibanez after the original AD9 went out of production. It has the same electronics as the AD9 Series including the now out-of-production Bucket Brigade MN3102 and MN3205 chip technology to get that smooth, warm delay that we all crave.
So, for less than half the price I got what I was looking for. Great box. Great sound.


Super simple operation.


Quiet and toneful.


If you're looking for a vintage analog delay and think you need to spend alot think again. If you find one buy it. It's worth every bit as much as a vintage AD9 without having to pay for the pink box.