Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox
Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox

MF-107 FreqBox, Autre effet studio de la marque Moog Music appartenant à la série Moogerfooger.

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songboy 02/09/2011

Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)

« A truly original effect pedal  »

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This pedal is hard to characterize in terms of specific effects. According to Moog, it essentially takes your audio input and using that to control on internal oscillator. What you end up getting is some, in my opinion, completely unique distortion style effects. At least that's the best I can describe it. Like most MoogerFoogers you only have Audio and control voltage input/outputs. No you cannot edit this with a computer, just the knobs and buttons on the front (and of course the control voltages). This is purely a Analog monster. You can actually rack it with Moogs Rackmount kit designed to hold up to three moogers


There are 7 knobs and 1 button located on the face of the pedal that are very easily accessed and manipulated. I definitely recommend reading the manual as it is very informative and will give you a pretty good idea of what this baby is capable. However, I feel I had a better understanding of the device after spending an hour with it. The configuration is as simple as plugging in audio/control voltage cables and playing. Of course if you want to use CV then you need something to actually generate the control message such as Moogs CP-251.


I use this effect mainly with synths and guitar and occasionally my vocals. It is really a gritty intense effect that can be a little to much for a traditional keyboard. A friend of mine actually uses it for his Trumpet, and that is probably my favorite use of it so far. Due to its high quality components and true analog signal path, all the audio sent in retains all of its warmth and character. The effect itself however drastically changes that signal, which of course is it's intent.


What I like most about this unit is kind of hard to explain, only because it might not sound like a tone you would want, but trust me, you do. Basically, I find that this plugin reminds me of "Digital Clipping." Usually that is a tone avoided at all costs but imagine you get the grit and character of Digital clipping with the warmth and smooth control you expect with moog. For me, its AMAZING for any sort of music you want to sound "Dirty" which I happen to really want. The only complaint I have about all of the Mooger Foogers is they are all Mono. If they made stereo versions, I would own all of them in a heart beat. I actually don't own this one but spent a lot of time testing it at the Moog warehouse. It is one I will own soon but I spent enough money there this last quarter and have to exercise some restraint :) If you want some crazy, original style Hard Syncing distortion, then it is worth every penny. This is honestly a unique effect so I have not seen nor heard other similar effect units.