Mackie HR824mk2
Mackie HR824mk2
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sw80 03/03/2013

Mackie HR824mk2 : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

« The price is high, but they are worth it »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Mauvais
The HR824mK2 is a high resolution studio monitor that can deliver a very good sound and help with the mix a lot. When I used this monitor I had nothing but positive things being said to me about the mix and how crisp everything sounded. The linear frequency response is great and the low frequency roll off and high frequency controls are great. No matter which studio I used these in the bass was very clean and tight no matter how loud the music was turned up.


They have an 8.75 high precision LF transducer and a ferro fluid cooled tweet. The sweet spot is very easy to find in these speakers because it is a big sweet spot (wide). There are balanced XLR, TRS and RCA inputs with the ability to wall mount or ceiling mount. I do prefer using them just at ear level right on my upper shelf (of my work desk). I have not mounted them on the ceiling or wall before.


There is a low cutoff frequency at 35 Hz and a high cut off frequency of 22 kHz. When I turn this speaker up to max volume it still delivers a clean and crisp sound. Some of my music has bass that is over exaggerated on purpose but these speakers handle it well. It almost gets too loud and I have to make sure I turn everything down.
The build of these monitors is very clean and they look great in the studio. You can also purchase a protection plan which I recommend up to 3 years, being that this cost so much it is best to have them protected in case something happens.
This speaker is only about 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide weighing around 35 pounds. They are easy to move and look great. I would not say that they are portable, but if you need to move them you could.