Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

MF-105M Midi Murf, Filtre de la marque Moog Music appartenant à la série Moogerfooger.

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songboy 16/08/2008

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)


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This is a multi stage filtering effect. To me, it basically turns everything into analog arpeggios. This is all Analog. You get 6 knobs 1 switch and 8 faders for all the editing you can stand. No computer connections. It is all 1/4" audio and expression jacks. It is rackable with the rackmount accessory (fits 3 mf pedals all together).


It is relatively easy to start creating sweetness with this pedal right off the bat. With 12 knob selected presets and the faders adjusting your individual filters, it is exceptionally easy and fun the play with this guy. I don't own this pedal, but I used it in the studio for two weeks without reading the manual and got some sick sounds out of it. My experience with moog manuals in the past has always been great, so I have no reason to doubt this one.


This is an effect in its own world. Simply saying it is good is an understatement. As for "real"....reality will leave you while you play with this mama. There is nothing to dislike about this pedal (even has tap tempo option with optional pedal) and everything to love.


Again, I only used it for two weeks in a studio, but what a blast. The best thing about it is its ability to take a single note and turn it into a ping ponging wild sound. This is the only thing I know like this with possibly the exception of the Mutronics mutator, but I never had the pleasure of one of those. It costs about $400 dollars, which has been out of my budget for a little while. But as soon as I can afford it, I will get it, and never regret.