Traveler Guitar Speedster
Traveler Guitar Speedster

Speedster, Autre guitare électrique de la marque Traveler Guitar.

contenu en anglais
heads on fire 29/01/2012

Traveler Guitar Speedster : l'avis de heads on fire (contenu en anglais)

« Get a Steinberger Spirit instead. »

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Model Name - Speedster
Neck Through Body - Eastern American Hard Maple
Fingerboard - Ebonized Rosewood
Frets - 22-medium
Scale Length - 24 3/4 in.
Fingerboard Inlays - Pearloid
Neck Width at Nut - 1 3/4 in.
Body Width- 7 1/2 in. (Arm Detached)
Body Thickness- 3/4 in.
Overall Depth - 2 in.
Length - 28 in.
Weight - 4 lbs. 7 oz.
Pick-ups - Dual-Rail Humbucker
Hardware - Chrome 14:1 Gear ratio (closed gear)
Electronics - Volume/Tone
Finish - Gloss Black, Candy Apple Red Metallic, Black Metallic
MSRP - $499.99 (USD)


Man, I really want to like this guitar. I really do. I love headless guitars as a whole, and new design innovations make me pretty pumped. But it's just a blah guitar, to be honest. The guitar uses an interesting roller tailpiece, in which the strings roll around to the back, in which they attack to the body in these cutout holes where traditional tuners are located. So it's a neat approach to a headless bridge/tuner situation, but in actuality it's just weird. This is a guitar that just looks ugly. The wing for the arm rest - that's a neat idea, but it looks bad. The holes for the tuners - they look bad. The bottom leg cutout - it looks bad. This hole guitar is just something that looks like a kid who interned at Steinberger in the 80s drew up and got rejected when he'd enthusiastically show it to Ned.


The pickup sounds ok, but there's just one. The guitar serves its purpose as a travel guitar, so one would think that one couldn't afford to be picky, right? Well, when Steinberger has made the Spirit series (with 3 pickups and 5 positions) that can still be found used for $200-250, and there's this monstrosity, well, one wonders what this is doing trying to exist.


Don't buy it. Buy a Steinberger Spirit instead. It's more fashionable, more classic, the original innovation, it has a tremolo system (that can easily be blocked to stability), and much better sounds. Also, it is more ergonomic! The Spirit is also much less expensive than this thing. Just say no.