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Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone
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Publié le 05/08/10 à 07:02
Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Jerry Jones's Neptune Baritone is an electric guitar that is tuned down to either a 4th or 5th below a standard guitar. Jerry Jones makes some of the best specialty guitars that I've used, as the Neptune Baritone is probably the best baritone guitar that I've used to date. As far as the pick ups go, it's got single coil style pick ups that are made in house by Jerry Jones. It's got an Indian rosewood fingerboard that has one of the best feels to it that I've played, baritone or not...


Playing the Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone is really a pleasure, as it just has one of those feels that you dream about with guitars. This seems to be a trend with Jerry Jones guitars, as I'm really a big fan of the way their guitars feel in general. As far as using the pick up is concerned, it's got single tone and volume knobs and a pick up switch selector. Getting a nice sound is as easy as you'll find it to be on any guitar...


While the feel of the Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone guitar is a huge draw for me, the tone is really what makes this guitar special. It's got an incredibly full type of sound that I haven't heard from any other baritone guitar. There's enough control that you can get a few different sounds, but I usually just end up using the bridge pick up since it's a bit deeper. I've used the guitar primarily for recording in a studio that I used to work at with a Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier.


Without a doubt the Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone is the best baritone guitar that I've used. It seems to have some sort of influence from the Danelectro baritone guitars, but it sounds and feels like it's in a whole different world from those guitars (which I do like). The price isn't going to be a cheap as a Danelectro baritone would be, but if you're interested in picking up a top end baritone guitar, the Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone is the way to go!