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James Tyler Studio Elite HD
James Tyler Studio Elite HD
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loudfunk loudfunk

« Amazing old Strat brand new... »

Publié le 17/03/11 à 20:56
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
This is a hollow Studio Elite. Rosewood board, 22 frets, Wilkinson whammy, locking nuts, Tyler h/s/s, big V-shape neck, mid boost (with easy access to battery without the need to unscrew anything to swap it).
Made in Cali.
Global volume, and tone.
Body is a a mix of the sides being ash and the center being alder.


Plays like a modern guitar, feels like something you played for the last two decades. The only drawback on this guitar is for guys that play by fretmarkers they are hard to see on the rosewood board, since they're on the dark side.
The mid boost on it is its secret weapon and due to it being hollow it is super light.
The neck access isn't like of a shredder but better than on a vintage Strat.


I used it with old Marshalls, modern channel switchers like the Fryette Sig-X, Deliverance, Memphis, or my rack set-up with the Axe-Fx.
The clean was like a Strat should sound. Even a monkey wearing boxing gloves could make the neck pick-up sound good. Bridge humbucker rocks hard in the AC/Dc neighborhood through a cranked JMP. And with the boost it's a burner.
The fact that it is hollow makes it very much sound like an ancient guitar that had a few decades to dry out. Add to that the body is alder and ash and you get a best of both worlds. The snap of the ash (which will never get to top end heavy since the chambering attenuates the top), and the warmth of the alder.
It was my #1 for many years.


I loved how it played and sounded. It's very expensive but well worth it.
Also it is put together really well with great detail if you like the feel of old Strats without them having been through the wringer.
This was my 4th Tyler.