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Apogee Jam
rockerdad rockerdad

« Perfect solution for guitarists »

Publié le 23/08/11 à 13:42
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Apogee Jam is designed to allow you to record your guitar or bass into an iPad, iPhone or other Mac OS. It's about the size of a very small cell phone (even smaller) and does one thing and does it very well.

I'm using it with an iPad and iPhone to record electric guitar.

Zero latency! Those 2 words are the wishes of most recording professionals when using computers or idevices to record, and the Jam provides that or very close to that! Another HUGE plus is the inclusion of a gain control knob on the side of the Jam. Signal too hot? Easy, adjust the gain. The Jam will tell you how your signal is by the is good, orange is getting hotter and red is too hot.

Using the Jam is as simple as:

1) Plug the included cable into the Jam
2) Plug the other end of the included cable into the dock of the iPad/iPhone (or included USB cable into your Mac)
3) Watch the blue light come on
4) Once the light turns green, you are good to go.

No drivers or software necessary to download or's that easy!

After trying the iRig and Peavey Ampkit Link to record with my iPad and receiving less than stellar results, the Apogee Jam was a breath of fresh air. The sound is excellent, ease of use is perfect and overall, the unit delivers what it is supposed to: allowing you to get YOUR guitar tone into a recording using your iPad, iphone or Mac OS.No feedback, just pure guitar tone. The sound you achieve is clear and the results will make you want to record more.