Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System
Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System

7 Slot PCI Expansion System, Autre composant de la marque Magma.

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moosers 18/03/2011

Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System is a way for those with PCI cards to expand their system. If you're already into it with PCI cards it's probably not worth it to make the switch, but with the 7 Slot PCI Expansion System you can add onto your newer computer system and keep your PCI cards for extra inputs and outputs. I work with a producer at his home studio frequently and he has this there for his PCI cards. It's nice that this is the type of system that's fully customizable to meet your needs or I don't think it would be as well taken. As the name states, this supports up to 7 extra PCI cards and you can also get cards straight from Magma to put into this. It's got a 400 watt power supply for it and will take up four spaces in a traditional rack mounting system. This will in the end make your computer run faster since it takes the pressure off of it with the PCI cards. Where something like this really comes in handy is with Pro Tools HD systems that require PCI cards to run with, as this gives you full control over what you're using without having any limitations based on your computer. If you have a few HD accel cards in your HD rig, the Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System is definitely something worth considering if you're looking for full flexibility. I'm not too sure what the Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System will cost you but if you've got a Pro Tools HD system you're looking to expand, it's probably not that much in comparison. Obviously, this is something that is a utility device and isn't going to be necessary for everyone. If you do think you might need something like it, I haven't seen any other than the Magma 7 Slot PCI Expansion System in professional and semi-professional studios.