Nvidia 6800 GT 256mb
Nvidia 6800 GT 256mb

6800 GT 256mb, Autre composant de la marque Nvidia.

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contenu en anglais
JayDMusic 18/07/2010

Nvidia 6800 GT 256mb : l'avis de JayDMusic (contenu en anglais)

« Great Card for the Time, and still good. »

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This is a great card overall, and when it first came out, it was top of the line in the six-series. The seven series hadn't been unveiled yet, so this was looking great. However, it's a little stupid to put this card off just because it's four years old. This card is still pretty good. It'll run old games like Counter-Strike perfectly. I've yet to try it with Team Fortress 2, but all games that run on the Source Engine are on par with each other graphics-wise, so I'd recommend this card second-hand to anybody that's not looking to run Modern Warfare 2, not looking to spend a lot, and just looking to have a good time messing around with the most fun games.